Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wishful Wednesday : LOTTERY :-)

This is my first "Wishful Wednesday" post!! I'm excited about this one, because it's about what you would do if you won the lottery.  My husband and I like to play this little "game" every once in a while where we list the things (outloud) that we'd do if we won the lottery.  How fun! ;-)

1.  I wouldn't quit working.  I'd love to be able to work because I wanted to, and not because I HAD to.  I think I'd have a totally different approach.  Just knowing that you can work and feel productive and you can enjoy it and not feel exhausted by it would be a great feeling!

2. I'd pay off ALL my debt and all the debt of my family and close friends.  I know how hard it is to live with debt.  Just being able to free myself from that weight and my wonderful family and close friends would be a great gift. 

3. I'd donate a large amount to my church - I'd love for my church to have a "savings" account (that may already have one.. I'm sure they do.. but stay with me.. ha ha) where they knew it was there and at their reach for anything they wanted to purchase to grow as a church etc. 

4.  My children would have their college tuition paid for, as well as a savings account with money in it for their first house (when they get married) and a car. 

5.  I would buy my dream car and my dream house.

6.  I would put the rest in a trust for my family.  We would never struggle ever again and we would enjoy out life without the stress of financial strains.  We would be able to take family vacations, and maybe finally go on a honeymoon!  :-)

What would YOU do?!


  1. cute. if i won the lottery i'd pay off our house, give the rest away and be so so thankful! wow, debt is so weighing... just thinking about having none sounds incredible.

  2. How cute is your blog? Great ideas for lottery money! Wouldn't that be SWEEEET?

  3. Thanks for the Etsy shop comment, so sweet! I don't have any western cutters BUT a shop down the street has some and I am more than happy to buy new cutters for orders. If you are interested, email me - and we can talk! I would just need to know when you would need them by and one or two cutters that you would really want. I can quote you a price after that! Thanks for inquiring! I love taking new orders!

  4. I'd do the same things you're doing! Ha the first thing I'd do is pay off my house and all our debt, including alll those student loans Kelsey has. And save for our future children..and if we don't have any, maybe for our niece and nephew!

  5. I'd, first of all, pay for this stupid board exam I have to take over! haha Then I'd pay off all my student loans and buy Phil and I a house!

  6. This is basically my list as well. However, I would quit work in a heartbeat and travel non stop.

  7. i would love to do all these things! Great ideas!

  8. Apparently you need to with the lotto cause you have a great plan!!!