Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In honor of my 200th post I wanted to share this with you!!! :-)

Do you like it?! I absolutely LOVE IT! It turned out 10 x better than I even imagined it would.. and it's HUGE! I got it here - she's wonderful to work with.  I highly HIGHLY recommend her!  Wouldn't this make a great wedding or anniversary gift?!

This time change is kickin' my butt! Thankfully I mustered up enough energy last night and made dinner.  We had baked spaghetti - it turned out really good.  It's a double layered one.. YUM!  Shelby is going to be in Savannah overnight, so I wanted something I could eat as leftovers while he's gone.  :-)

Tonight Tristan and I are "puppy-sitting"!  One of the guys Shelby works with is taking his wife on their overnight trip to Savannah, so they needed someone to watch their dog, Kuri.  Tristan and I are up to the challenge!  Shelby said that Tristan LOVED Kuri when she was dropped off this morning, so that makes me super happy.  I will probably have to keep our pugs away from Kuri, because Gracie gets jealous - but T and I will manage and we'll have fun playing with a new puppy for one night!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!! :-)


  1. I DO love it! It looks wonderful! Such a great job! Have a great Tuesday!

  2. it is absolutely a beauty. love it. double layer baked spaghetti?! now that is genius. i'm going to have to remember that next time it's spaghetti night!

  3. My tummy immediately rumbled when I saw your spaghetti.

  4. That baked spaghetti looks divine! mmmm.
    ANYWAY, The plague is super cute!
    Hope your have a good evening!

  5. That sign looks great and so does the dinner! Have fun dog sitting!

  6. I like the sign! and the baked spaghetti looks yummy, I may have to try that!