Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's Your Philosophy ?

I guess i've never been one to pamper myself.  I'm pretty casual but I like girly things.  Since my beautiful son was born, I've noticed that I've become more and more "frumpy".  It is true that mom's forget about themselves when their children are born.  And don't get me wrong, that's not a terrible thing but it's not a great thing either.  For me, I stay in denial for an eternity before I finally figure something out.  When things come gradually, I don't notice them as much.  Especially when I'm dealing with a full time job, husband, child, cooking, cleaning, and trying to find time to relax in between.  ha ha

When I was trying to come up with some gift ideas for my birthday this year, I realized that I really needed some new clothes.  I might have got a few new tops and pants once or twice since I've been married..but it just hasn't been on the top of my priority list.  Once I started to notice that most of my clothes were old, worn out, had holes and tears in them, were stained, etc - it made me feel kinda like a bum.  I was wearing pants to work that needed to be safety pinned among other things, my PJ / Lounge pants have holes in them and are just plain worn out, about 95% of my shirts and tops are stained, or have holes and tears in them.  It's absolutely pathetic and unacceptable! When you wear things like this, it's kind of depressing! Especially looking back at it now.. I feel like such a low life!

I really want to do things for myself.  I want to make myself feel GOOD and GIRLY and REFRESHED.  I want to feel PRETTY.  As it is right now, I hardly ever wear makeup, I rarely fix my hair, it's been probably 8 months since I've even had a haircut, and I will go way over a week without shaving (which I know is absolutely gross.. but it's just like I don't care)  I always put myself last.. always

So.. with ALL that said I really want to try and do things for myself every once in a while!  I got my new clothes yesterday. YAY!!!  I'm wearing a new top and cardigan today.. and I it feels great to have nicer clothes on! ha ha!   The past two days I curled my hair before work.. I really need a haircut, so it looks kinda silly.  I didn't curl it today and I think it looks better.  ha ha!

The other day I went to the NEX (because we had a gift card) and I picked up some Philosophy skin care.  I've always wanted to try it and I've been wanting to do something for my poor neglected face.  I got this to try:

I have dry patches on my face and it's just "rough" feeling.  I've used this for a few days and already my skin feel SO much better! I ended up ordering the face wash by itself because I like it a LOT and I needed face wash.  The other two things will last me forever.. so I didn't need that right now.  I also ordered this:
This is a daily facial type stuff and I thought it would be great because my skin is so far gone.  It needs some major help!

I get so excited  to use my new face care stuff! ha ha! It's morning and i'm like "YAY - I get to WASH MY FACE!"  and then again before I go to bed "WAHOO - I GET TO WASH MY FACE!"  ha ha!  It's fun doing things for yourself, right?!

So all you beautiful mommas and workin' girls out there - what do you do for yourself?  Is there a certain product you SWEAR by?!  I could really use some help! I feel like I'm new at all this pampered girly type stuff! 


  1. i can totally relate. mom's needs just get put on the back burner when we have such sweet kiddos to look after! every once in a while it is fun to get a mom treat! so glad you've gotten a few!!!

  2. Wow, you need to pamper yourself more! I am a clothes and shoes girl so I go shopping for myself a couple of times a month!! lol That probably sounds like a lot to you, but it helps me rejuvinate and feel good. Anyway , glad you tried and liked Philosophy products, those are great things too.

  3. Go get a manicure and/or pedicure if you have birthday money left! The pedicure especially gets me feeling better when I've put myself off for a while! I like purse shopping but don't buy often.

  4. I agree-You need to pamper yourself. You should look into a facial or day spa, or get a main/pedi. You deserve it!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  5. I thnk it's super important to keep yourself looking pretty. I know that when my skin looks good and my makeup looks good and hair, I have so much higher self-esteem. It's so easy to do. Good skin is most imt. thinig. I am actually looking for some new moisturizer and skin care. But you need to try their blushes, eyeshadows, luminizer powders and lip glosses.

    My other tip? KOHLS. I get all my clothes there. shop the clearances and use their coupons and you can get clothes for next to nothing. Seriously. I'm talking less than $5 for shirts, maybe $10 for pants.

    You should watch "what not to wear" if youhave time someday. It really shows you what fits your body type, how to do makeup and hair styles! You're a gorgeous girl but you need to feel that way too!

  6. I think it's great that you're doing things for YOU! Everyone should get to feel good about themselves!