Friday, March 12, 2010

Some People Have Been Asking...

Some people have been asking to see Tristan's birthday cake :) So, I thought I'd share!!

Tristan's b-day party is going to be a western / cowboy theme (for those of you who I haven't told yet) I found this cake and thought it was SO CUTE! Of course it's going to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRISTAN".. the main thing I was in love with was the bandana print around the edges :)

And here is the smash cake.  The "T" matches the big cake! I just requested a little more cow print.. ha ha.. cause I like cow print. I think it's cute! :)

I was thinking about taking some pictures like this one, and framing them and putting them around as a decoration.  This is Buffalo Bill in the middle.. HOW COOL?!

Little tidbit - when I was younger we went to Cody Wyoming and ate at the "IRMA Hotel" a hotel that also has a restaurant in it.  The hotel was built by Buffalo Bill and named after his daughter, Irma.  I remember a huge wooden bar (ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL) that was a gift from Queen Victoria!


  1. wow that is a huge cake!! you must be having a major party!!!

  2. I also love cow print. I want to dress my future babies up AS cows. HA! I love the cakes...I want to eat all that icing off.

  3. LOVE the cakes! They are totally too cute!