Monday, March 15, 2010

De-Cluttering, New Clothes, & Big Boy Foods

Happy Monday Everyone! :-)

This weekend was a productive weekend in the Tucci household!  After T went to bed Friday night, I stayed up and worked on a banner for his birthday party.  It just says "TRISTAN", but it's in a cowboy theme and it turned our really cute! Satruday, during the day, we did our cleaning and then just spent the rest of the day together.  After Shelby left to go work valet, Tristan and I headed to the Town Center and did a little retail therapy.  We didn't actually buy anything, but it was nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful day!  Sunday we worked on our garage and sorted thru all our things preparing for our move to Hawaii.  We didn't finish it, but we completed at least 75% of it.  It's such a good feeling to get that done! It's been weighing on us for a while now.  We sorted things into a KEEP, SELL, and TRASH pile.  Thankfully our KEEP pile was the smallest pile.. our TRASH one was the largest!

I've been needing some new clothes, BADLY.  My clothes are old, worn out, many of them have holes in them.. just bad.  I never spend money on clothes.  That's one thing that I always cheat myself on.  Right now I only have 1 pair of black dress pants and one pair of brown khaki pants to wear to work.  THAT'S IT! I have to get pretty creative with just two pairs of pants.. especially since I don't want people to realize I alternate between 2 pairs of pants all the time.. Thankfully, I got some money for my birthday specifically for NEW CLOTHES! YAY! (I can't tell you the last time I got new clothes..)  Yesterday I ordered a lot of new tops, cardigans (both work and casual) and some new under garmets from Victorias Secret. I can't wait for my things to come in! After my new clothes get here, I'm throwing away everything that has a hole in it or is worn out.  I plan on throwing a lot of stuff out - only keeping the things I actually wear and that aren't frumpy looking.   I couldn't find any pants - I'll have to acutally go try those on.  I'm short and rather round, so pants are extremely hard to find. 

Tristan is such a MOOCHER! He's worse than any dog.. by far!  I need to get a video of him, because he's hilarious.  He only bothers me for my food, he never really bothers Shelby.. LoL.  Since he's such a "big boy" now and he wants to eat big boy foods, I've been making him his own little plate of stuff to eat.  Yesterday he had puffs, yogurt melts, and a pickle (HE LOVES PICKLES).  For a snack he ate some REAL banana (smashed up) and some vanilla yogurt (for babies). I got him an orange and a peach to try in his mesh feeder. If I could get him to start eating real food, instead of baby food, I think it might be easier.  He only has a few teeth, so chewing is still kinda hard, but he's doing so well.  He's gagging a lot less now, and he's so cute feeding himself!

I am so tired today! The time change really messes me up.. and it's only an hour.  That's insane.  LoL.  In a couple hours I get to go to lunch, then I can run some errands and just chill.  I'm so ready to go home already!


  1. new clothes are so fun. especially when you will no longer have to wear old ones with holes! you better post a pic of the birthday banner.

  2. New clothes really are fun! So glad you will be able to get some! I hope you have a great Monday!

  3. Glad you had a lot less in your keep pile! That'll be sure to help with your move!

  4. That's great about getting stuff for the move done! And hello new clothing..that's great!