Friday, March 12, 2010


Let me tell you about the experience I just had with the wonderful world of military medical appointment people...

OK - So I have to get an overseas screening to go to Hawaii.  I realize Hawaii is part of the USA, but still - we're talking about the military and the military doesn't always make sense.  I am more than happy to do this, and I'm not complaining about having to do this - just so you know.

I do some reasearch online about what I'm supposed to do for this overseas screening.  I find the number for the overseas screening place at NAS and give them a call.  I talk with an extremely sweet girl who is more helpful than I ever could have dreamed.  She explains the whole process to me in great detail, telling me everything I need to know and everything I need to do.  "This is great!" I'm thinking to myself as she's explaining it to me.. "Sign me up"!   I ask her if I can go ahead and schedule my appointment, and she says "SURE! ~ Let me transfer you to our appointments desk!"  "THANK YOU SO MUCH", I said. 

Appointments Desk : "blah blah blah blah blah can you please hold?" [ dripping with attitude]

ME: "Sure, no problem!" [ killing her with kindness]

Appointments Desk : "alright, how can I help you?"

ME: "Yes ma'am, I was transferred over to you to set up my overseas screening appointment"

Appointments Desk: "Ok, are you active duty or a dependant?" [ again with the attitude.. geez]

ME: "Dependant"

Appointments Desk: "OK, I only deal with Active Duty.  You're going to need your husband to call, I don't talk to Dependents, OK? You don't come in, your husband does" [ as she's rushing me OFF THE FREAKIN' PHONE]

ME: "uhhhh, I just talked with a lady and she said that I would be able to schedule my appointment myself, thru you.  She said I had to come in myself..."

Appointments Desk: "Oh, you probably talked to a [i forget what she called it] and they don't know what they're talking about.  Your husband needs to call"

ME: "Okay.. I'm sorry.  I'm kinda confused now.. I don't come in at all? My husband has to make an appointment and ...." [ I am interrupted by the exceptionally rude lady]

Appointments Desk: "Yes, that's what I told you before" [ with major attitude] "blah blah blah blah blah" [ i had stopped listening at this point because I took all the attitude I was going to ...]

ME: "WOW - you have a major attitude and I am not talking to you anymore.  GOODBYE!" [ and I hung up on her]

At this point I am royally confused at what I'm supposed to do - so, I call the first number back and thankfully I get the same girl as before.  I explained to her what the other woman said and she said, "Here, I'm gonna make your appointment for you".  She even transferred me to the dental dept and they were able to schedule my appointment as well.  Well, what do ya know?!

I called the appointment lady back and asked to speak with her supervisor, and she transferred me to some info desk.  They were kind enough to give me the prodecure for leaving comments and boy did I ever.  I was half tempted to call the appointment lady back and be like, "Umm yeah, I talked with you a few minutes ago.  I just wanted to let you know that I DID make an appointment with someone else so you can suck it and I hope you go to HELL".  But, since I'm a nice little girl and because I probably would have reached thru the phone and choked her to death I decided not to call. 

OH MY GOODNESS she made me so mad .. this whole process is stressful enough and the last thing I need is attitude from someone who barely speaks english.. UGH!

DISCLAIMER: Thank you for allowing me to vent.  Please do not think less of me after reading the comments of this blog.  I promise I'm a nice girl.


  1. ugh! it is so frustrating when every person tells you a different story. so annoying! glad you didn't call rude girl back. it's better that way.

  2. hehe. gotta love the wonderful world of customer service. i find that so many people are rude or just trying to rush you through/off the phone that when you DO get exceptional service, it is SO nice. I try to make a point to thank those that give great customer service, and sometimes even their supervisors. (I used to work in customer service positions so I know how it goes I guess) :)

  3. Haha, I have noooo time for attitudes, I hang up and call back hoping to get someone else!

  4. Score one for the good people! I would have reported her too. I hate people who have that behavior and especially over the phone!

  5. UGH I hate people like that. I mean I really do. No point in acting like that. I'm GLAD you reported her! I just had a convo with a friend about how we shouldn't be surprised when we get good customer service, but we do! we know you're a super sweet girl :)

  6. I love how you handled this situation! Some people really shouldn't be dealing with the public.

  7. Ugh, I can't stand that. I would have reported her too! I always have problems with the appointment line where I'm at.. they always have an attitude!