Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Favorite Things : Kitchen Edition (Thanks Rachel!)

My friend Rachel had the fun idea of blogging about her favorite kitchen stuff - and since it's such a fun idea I thought I'd do it too! :)
I love cleaning products, and one of the fun things I like to buy (listen to me, FUN.. ha ha) is sponges.  The brighter and cuter the better! :-)

I absolutely cannot live without all purpose cleaner in the kitchen.  My favorite brand is Lysol.

Williams Sonoma is one of my FAVORITE kitchen / cooking stores, and I love their towels! Their towels are the only ones I've ever used!

My husband likes chocolate cake with chocolate icing, but he likes it COLD.  SO, I absolutley cannot live without this thing.  It allows me to keep the cake in the fridge and keep it moist for as long as possible. 

My pride and joy - My Kitchen Aid Mixer!!  I use this for EVERYTHING, not just baking. 

Pyrex baking dishes were made just for me. ;-)  I use these for, again, everything! I bake cakes in them, make casserole's in them, make desserts in them, and we love baked chicken and I always use my pyrex baking dish for that meal :)

This is a Pampered Chef "Turn About" - to house your cooking utensils. 
This thing is sooo nice. 

I'm a spatula girl, and Pampered Chef makes AWESOME spatula's! I have one in just about every shape and size. ;-)

I use sissors for so many things in the kitchen.  I don't even think I could list them all!

We really liked these bottle brushes to clean out T's bottles with.  Now we mainly just put them in the dish washer since he doesn't use bottles as often, but when he was using them ALL the time we couldn't live without these!

We use this everytime we run the dishwasher.  It's great for T's bottle tops and binkies!


  1. I'm so glad you did this. I'm planning to use the Playtex Drop-Ins bottle system, so I wasn't sure whether or not I really NEEDED to get a dishwasher thingy to put things in. But now I'm convinced! I just added it to my registry! :)

  2. fun post! It's always neat to see what others "cannot live without"! I love Williams Sonoma too!

    Where do you find the cake storage container for the fridge?

  3. I have some of those Pyrex dishes and they are great! You can use them for everything.

  4. We are SO MUCH alike! Love love love William Sonoma and Kitchen Aid.
    One kitchen thing I can't live without is Magic Erasers! Lol!


  5. i love the munchkin stuff! use them every single day. i so need to get a cake carrier. i like cold cake too! my hubby doesn't. so, we cut it in half. : )

  6. If I had a Kitchen Aid Mixer it would be my pride and joy too! Can't wait to get one someday!

  7. Rachel - we use the playtex drop in system too - WE LOVE IT! GREAT CHOICE!

    Jen - I bought my cake keeper at Walmart :)