Monday, March 8, 2010

The Most Stressful, Time Consuming, Tiring, Yet Absolutely MOST rewarding Job in the World – Being a Momma.

The other day Shelby and I were eating lunch and we’re feeding T some banana puffs as a snack. He has this thing where he gags really easily if he eats something that’s too thick or if he just has it on the back of his tongue – it’s quite strange. He’s gagging on his puffs and he finally throws up a little bit. We wipe him down, tell him it’s “OK” and then once the mini crisis is over, we continue eating. That day I just so happened to be eating potato soup, and as I looked down at my next bite of soup I thought to myself... “Ya know, this looks a lot like T’s vomit”. Not missing a beat, I take another bite and then I think to myself, “Hmm.. it doesn’t really bother me that it looks like T’s vomit!” 10 months ago, I would have puked right along with him.. But now I’m a “MOMMA” and I can deal with things like that.

That little instance at lunch got me thinking about being a Momma and all the “stuff” that comes along with it. Mommas are tough old birds – a lot tougher than I had ever imagined. Who else can clean up vomit and eat at the same time? I know I couldn’t before I had Tristan.. Now it’s nothing. It’s funny, but I was thinking about characteristics that Momma’s share with one another – and we are all so much alike! It made me want to come up with a little “You know you’re a Momma When” list. I did a little research and found quite a few that applied to me! So, here we go :-)

You Know you’re a Momma When … (I have experienced all of these)

You have caught spit and/or vomit in your hand

You have shared a 10 minute conversation with a complete stranger about your child

You see a child from playgroup and you know his name but not his Momma’s

You automatically justify excessive crying with, “Oh – he’s teething

You keep your awesome babysitter a secret from other mom’s you know.. (ha ha)

You and your husband sing the songs from your child’s toys without realizing it!

You see something devastating involving children on the news and you immediately want to go check on your own children

You’re hardly in any pictures because you’re always the one behind the camera

You find yourself talking in the 3rd person .. “Momma Loves You!”

You pack 2 days worth of “stuff” in your diaper bag just to go to the grocery store : Extra shirts, Pants, Bibs, Food, Diapers, Wipes, Bottles, Toys, Tylenol & Teething Tablets, Camera, pacifiers

You can think of 15 different ways to use a baby wipe and that doesn’t involve a diaper

You write down EVERYTHING: First Olympics (2010 Winter), First Word, First Steps (how many), First Address, First Friends, First Boo Boo, etc.. the list goes on FOREVER!

You frame their paintings and drawings

You give your family gifts from your child instead of from yourself

You never go anywhere alone – including the bathroom

You get foods you know your child will like when you go out to eat – because you always share with them.

You will act absolutely ridiculous just to get your child to laugh or smile – you will find that you’ll spend most of your time doing this…

No child will ever be as cute / handsome as your child (or as smart)

For all you Momma’s out there.. what are some if the things that make you know YOU’RE a momma?

For all you Momma’s To Be – Get ready.. you’re name is about to change. From the moment your precious child is born, nobody can take your place – and you’ll always be known as “MOMMA” :-)


  1. I'm SO glad to know that barf wont' be nasty to me someday. :)

  2. Love the list! I can't wait to be a mom:)


  3. yes... the whole getting foods that you know they'll eat thing - i do that everytime and its a challenge because he has a severe egg allergy. oh and the doing absolutely ridiculous things to make your child laugh - i think i go there everyday! so cute! love your list.

  4. hehe. these were cute! especially relate to the never going to the bathroom alone again haha. Actually, I can relate to them all except the diaper bag one (I never got into carrying a diaper bag, I pack light but I know I am one of few mamas who do this!)