Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pugs - Pugs - PUGS!

I wanted to introduce you to two little ladies we have living at our house.  One is fawn colored and the other is all black.  They are funny, happy, sometimes annoying, but for the most part great girls.  And now, without further delay .. here they are :-)

This is GRACIE.  We call her "Gracie Bugs".  She just turned 3 in February (we acutally share the same birthday).  She's our very first pug.  She's spoiled absolutely rotten!

This is Molly.  We call her "Miss Molly".  She's a little over 2 years old.  She's a "momma" - she has to take care of everyone and she loves to "clean" (which really means LICK) everything.  She's such a good girl!

The girls have been best buds since day 1

They LOVE their daddy - they have to be on his lap at all times..

They love looking outside, and of course BARKING...

They love going for rides in the car - we used to take them around our neighborhood just so they could ride in the car - they love it!

Always smiling :-)

Definitely couch potatoes...  ;-)

Did I mention they are college football fans? GO MARSHALL!

They look alike, huh?  ;-)

And I can't forget, they love to "swim" !!

I don't think I've mentioned it, but we have 3 pugs at our house.  This one's name is Tristan.  We call him "Monk Monk"

From the moment we brought Tristan home, the pugs have considered him one of their own.

They have turned into great baby sitters...

Always keeping a watchful eye on their newest pup..

Never miss a feeding ..

Never miss a nap time ..

And always there to make sure the paparazzi doesn't get too close ..
(See Gracie in the window?)

Over time, their newest pup has become a great friend..

He always wants to know what they're up to ..

Sticking his nose everywhere they do ..

"Maybe if I get lower .. "

They'll do anything to make him laugh ..

They've even taught him which end to approach when greeting other pugs ..

I never fully realized how much those pugs loved Tristan and how much he loved them until coming up with the idea for this post.  Sadly, Gracie and Molly have been put on the back burner ever since Tristan arrived.  Something I swore I wouldn't let happen.  Tristan LOVES these girls - more than I can even explain to you.  So much so, that he even "BARKS" along with them. (TRUE STORY)  To him, they're just members of the family - his big sisters.  And to them, he's just one of the pugs. :-)


  1. adorable! little boys love their doggies. my hunter adores our doggie banjo. we have a boston terrier... your pugs remind me of her. i love their smiles! it (sort of) makes me want to give them a kiss! so cute.

  2. Aw!! I love the pictures of them being the babysitters. Are you gonna be able to take them with you when you pcs?

  3. All "three" of your pugs are so stinkin' cute! I love how they have accepted him and vice versa!

  4. how cute! Love that pic of you snoozin' with baby and pug!

    My grandfather is a HUGE fan of pugs too- has always had pugs!

  5. So cute!! You could publish this adorable story..but I guess you just did! So creative!

  6. this is such a cute post! you always have such great ideas for things!

  7. I love pugs and have always wanted one! I love the nap pic, it's my fave!

  8. This is so cute! I love the one of Tristan with the dog in the window watching!

  9. that little dog babysitting tristan in the swing?

    what a fun family.

    love the name 'miranda'!