Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Monday Everybody! :-)

Did ya'll have a good weekend? This weekend was very laid back - kinda nice!  Saturday Shelby had a gig, so Tristan and I went to Hobby Lobby to get some more things for his b-day party.  Afterwards we met Shelby for lunch and then went home so Tristan could take a nap.  That afternoon we went to a Pampered Chef party (which is always a good time) and then came home and chilled - since Shelby was working again that night.  Tristan ended up going to bed early, so I stayed up and worked on some of his b-day stuff. I can't wait to show ya'll his cute decorations and such. :-)  I also started working on some old metal patio furniture.  I guess it's patio furniture, but not really? It's hard to explain.  Anyways - the color was a 1970's yellow and I painted it a chocolate brown.  My next task is to replace the cushions and cusion fabric.  I'm wanting something CUTE and I'm really digging zebra print right now, but I don't know how well that would match the stuff we have now.  ha ha.  I did find a really cute chocolate zebra print fabric online .. hmmmm..  ;-) 

Sunday was a very worthless day.  I woke up feeling bad (STILL) so I spend most of my day sleeping or laying on the couch.  NOT FUN! Thankfully, I was able to get some things done that evening, just in time to go to bed again.  ha ha.  Today I am happy to say I'm feeling a LOT better.  Yaaaaay!

I've been thinking about Tristan's outfit for Easter latley.  I think I've settled on some twill chino khaki's with a little oxford shirt and a tie. :-) What do you think??  I want him to be cute.. is this too "grown up"?

Check out the ties HERE!!

Tristan is walking a lot more! He's started walking without us initiating it - which is so cute :)  My little boy is turning into a little man!

I wrote up my letter of resignation for work today.  So sad! :-( I'll turn it in tomorrow.. I absolutely love the guys I work with.  I'm going to miss them SO much!

Well - that's all for now.  I hope ya'll are having a GREAT day!


  1. the ties are the cutest things ever! i definitely might have to invest in one for my lil man. oh and a pampered chef partay - so fun!

  2. i just realized something else... my husband's name is kelly. your husband's name is shelby. see the trend? this is awesome.

  3. his easter outfit sounds adorable! i love it when little boys are dressed up like little men, ties, button downs, etc.. it's so sweet! when i became pregnant i was actually more excited about the prospect of dressing up a little boy than i was with the thought of buying lots of girlie things like dresses.. looks like i am out of luck there though, hahah lol

  4. Carissa - YES! I see the trend! Shelby has a best friend named Kelly! ha ha! (also a boy) My friend Amanda married a guy named Kelsey :) Hmm - we should start a little club! ;-)

    Jen - You're a lucky girl .. there are SO MANY MORE cute girl clothes than there are boy clothes :) Just wait!

  5. I think that Easter outfit is going to be super cute!

    How's the job hunt for HI? Have you found anything yet?