Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blog Makeover

Has anyone ever thought of having their blog designed by someone? I know when I'm reading other girls' blogs I envy their cute design and fonts.  I'd REALLY love to have a cute blog like that - but I don't really know what all I need.  I know some of it can be fairly pricy, so I don't want to get a bunch of stuff I don't "need".. I just can't read the lingo! LOL! 

Anyone have any FAVORITE blog designers?  What's a normal price to pay for a total blog makeover?!


  1. I know the average price to have someone do one, that I've seen a few girls get done is around 25 dollars

  2. I like Leslie at Lambert's Lately. You can find her info on Kelly's Korner blog I believe. If you want, I would gladly do one for you for free even if it is just to tide you over until you find a designer/price you like.
    Or maybe that is a bad idea. haha. I have always done my own, because I like changing it around every couple of months and I can't imagine paying someone to do it every time I felt the need to change things.