Friday, December 18, 2009

Hello Stranger, Nice to Meet You!

So last night Tristan and I went on a "date" to Panera.  Shelby was working.  We decided on Panera because I had been craving soup for the past few days... I LOVE THEIR SOUP!

We were sitting in our booth, by ourselves - Tristan decided I wasn't too exciting so he took a nap.  I checked everything I could possibly check on my phone and then I decided just to sit in silence and finish my soup.  As I sat there starting at my half eaten baguette, there was a voice saying "Are you eating alone?".  I looked up and there was a lady, my mom's age, standing in front of me with her sandwich in hand.  I said, "Yes" and then she proceeded to ask me, "Would if be weird if I sat and ate with you?"  A MILLION things rushed through my mind in a split seconds time, and before I knew it I heard myself blurt out "NO, Not at all!".  A sudden wave of fear rushed over me .. OH NO - What am I going to talk about? I don't know this person!  WHO DOES THIS?!  Thankfully she did most of the talking - and I was able to learn that she used to be in the Navy, etc.  We talked about past duty stations and I learned that she used to be stationed at our NEXT duty post! WOW we have something in common!  

Our time together lasted about 20 minutes, and then we were done with our meals.  She left to go find a shirt to wear with some "flowy black dress pants" and I headed back to my house.  At the time I was really nervous and didn't know what to do in the situation, but after it was over I was pleased that I got to meet such a nice lady! Isn't it funny how things turn out??

As you know, I'm working on my list for 101 goals to complete in 1001 days.  One of my goals is to do 5 things that are outside my comfort zone.  I wasn't going to start my goals until Jan 1, but I think I'm going to jot last night's encounter down in my log.  It was definitely outside my comfort zone!

Have you ever done something outside your comfort zone?? PLEASE SHARE!!


  1. I think this is so sweet. I am really anxious around people so I would probably not do it! I wish I could get over it because you might have just made her day :) Good for you!

  2. I am STILL waiting to hear about your next duty station!!!! I think that's awesome that you got to sit with someone you didn't know and actually found things in common!

  3. I agree with Jennifer - I want to know where you are going!
    That would be totally out of my comfort zone too but it sounds like it turned out fine. And I think it should totally count towards your goals, especially since it inspired the goal. =) Though you weren't really "alone" since Tristan was with you, you probably helped her avoid eating alone and provided good company.

  4. Miranda, not sure if you remember entering my giveaway a few weeks ago but you won! Check out my post please so that I can get instructions to you. :)