Friday, November 20, 2009

Holiday Cookie Exchange

I'm thinking about doing a Holiday Cookie Exchange at my home in December.  I've never done one before so I'm trying to research it a little bit first.  I came up with a cute jingle  with some help from a co-worker .. I think I'm gonna put this on my invitation!  Tell me that you think! :)

To the Tune of “Winter Wonderland”

Timers Ring – Are ya listenin”

In the Kitchen – Sugars glistenin’

I Sneak Just a Bite,

Before the Party Tonight,

At Miranda’s Holiday Cookie Exchange.

Recipes – We’ll be Bringin’

Christmas Carols – We’ll be Singin’

We’ll Try Not to Fight ,

To Steal the Last Bite,

At Miranda’s Holiday Cookie Exchange.

In the Kitchen You Can Bake Some Snowmen,

Just Make Sure That They Don’t Get too Brown.

We’ll Have Lots of Fun Cause They’ll be No Men,

And No Little Kiddies Runnin’ Round.

Later On – We’ll Retire

To Our Homes – And Our Recliners.

To Nap Off the Sweets,

That We Got to Eat,

At Miranda’s Holiday Cookie Exchange!

Has anyone ever done a cookie exchange before? I'd love some input!!! :)


  1. How ridiculously creative are you?! I love it! I say go for it! I'm planning on doing a bake exchange for us girls and possibily another Christmas party. =)

  2. That is cute as can be!! Love the jingle and the idea. I've never done this but I think recipe exchanges are so fun. We do it at work probably every 3 months or so and everyone has a blast!

  3. Miranda, that is too cute!!!! Oh ps: you're killing me with not telling where you're moving next!!!!