Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Christmas Wish List!

I'm following Rachel's lead and posting MY Christmas wish list :)  I've noticed how much it's changed over the years!!  Definitely moved on to more practical things!

Large Yankee Candle

Actually I want a few of these. I LOVE CANDLES and I'd love to have one for every season to burn every second that I'm awake or at home :)

Brighton Charm Bracelet

Brighton is one of my favorite brands of jewelry and I have fallen in love with this nautical one!

Fiestaware Canisters

In MULTIPLE colors!!!

New Dish Towels

I really like the "flour sack" dish towels -  they make drying dishes SO easy and fast.  The ones I have now have seen better days!

CUTE Coffee Mugs

I love coffee mugs - my kitchen is even a coffee theme!  Starbucks coffee mugs are always SO cute - I could seriously collect them A L L!

New Flatware

I got our flatware from Williams Sonoma on clearance and it's WONDERFUL but I've kinda been wanting something different lately.  I really like this one pictured above.  I wonder if it would be annoying to use?!

1 comment:

  1. So funny -- my dining room is coffee themed! Also love the fiestawear canisters. Actually, love anything fiestawear. My list has also gotten much more domestic over the years!