Friday, October 23, 2009

Since it’s almost the end of October, I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about my FALL FAVORITES. Fall just so happens to be my absolute favorite time of the year. I’m from West Virginia and this time of year is SO BEAUTIFUL up there. Living in Florida I don’t get the full package of the cooler weather and the changing leaves, etc (not as much anyways) but that doesn’t keep me from loving this time of the year. So – Let’s begin!!

Cooler Weather: I’m a cardigan girl – I love sweaters and jeans and clogs. The cooler fall weather is just PERFECT for this type of attire! The sky is always clear and the air feels crisp. It’s wonderful!

Fall Clothes: Like I mentioned above – I’m a total cardigan girl. American Eagle, the Gap, and J Crew make some really cute cardigans. Living in Florida makes it kinda hard to fully enjoy them – but I still wear them because it’s cool in my office. I love browns and burnt oranges during this time of the year. American Eagle always has really cute clogs, which reminds me I need to get another pair – I wore my old pair OUT!

Fall Colors: Anyone who lives up north knows how beautiful the fall colors are. When the leaves change it’s totally breathtaking! It’s amazing that the trees change into something so beautiful. It makes you appreciate all the beautiful things God is capable of. Especially in nature! Another thing I love about the leaves changing, is when they fall to the ground leaving that crunchy feeling beneath your feet. And the smell of the dry leaves .. ahh.. it’s wonderful! When I was little my family would rake all the leaves into a big pile and I would jump into them and hide myself. I remember those days .. such good days!

Fall Smells: I love all the fall scented candles that come out this time of the year. Yankee Candle is my favorite candle shop – and sometimes I just like to go in there and smell the fall candles. It just makes me feel good! My favorites are anything pumpkin or apple scented. I’d really like to buy one of the big ones and just burn it all the time. I’m sure it would last the whole season as big as they are!

Fall Foods: Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Dinner Rolls, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cheesecake … the list goes on and on. Can you tell I like to eat? Ha ha. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite “eating holidays” (as I call it). Usually during this time of year I make my pumpkin cheesecake. It’s so delicious! You can find the recipe HERE. I’m thinking about trying some new recipes this year. I’d really like to make some pumpkin bread or pumpkin muffins. My grandmother used to make a pumpkin roll with the cream cheese filling in the middle – it was so good! I’m in the process of trying to get a hold of some of her recipes. Hopefully I can get that one!

Fall Décor: I have a whole Tupperware tote full of fall décor. I’ve had my fall decorations up since middle September! LoL! I plan on leaving it up until the day after Thanksgiving, then I will transition into Christmas décor. My house feels so warm and cozy when I have my fall decorations up. It’s so comfortable feeling. I love having pumpkins outside and I made a fall wreath this year for my front door. I’d love to have a really nice fall scene in my front yard someday – that will come with time.

Fall Holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving are wonderful fall holidays! I love fall décor, like I mentioned above – so that’s one of the reasons I love these holidays so much. (CUTE DECORATIONS!!) Halloween is fun because all the little children dress up and they are SO adorable! It’s such a fun time for them and I’m all for that. Thanksgiving is a great family holiday. I love getting together with my wonderful family and sharing a great meal and talking about all the great things going on in our lives. This year we have my sweet little man, Tristan, to share the holiday with. God has blessed my life in so many ways and I have many things to be thankful for this year!

Football!!: College football is my absolute favorite sports season EVER! This year I didn’t get into it as much as I hoped to. I love dressing up in my favorite teams’ shirt and sitting on the couch with good party foods and watching the game. It’s great family time! This year we’re going to actually GO to a game in Orlando! My college is playing down there and we’re so excited to go! It will be Tristan’s first game! I’d really like to get together with friends and have a football party. Hopefully someday Shelby and I can meet some people who are interested in the same teams we are – then we can have a great football season!

Time Change: The time change – extra sleep – woohoo! (what else is there to say?!)

Now it's YOUR TURN! I’d love to hear about your FALL FAVORITES!


  1. Football id my favorite thing about fall! Them I love the colors, the smells, and the cool weather! Being from Alabama, you never know if we actually are going to get nice fall weather, and it looks as if this year, we just might!!

  2. My favorite fall things are the colors and the decorations (and along with that, the smells!) Cinnamon is my favorite smell ever, in fact I just put an apple/cinnamon glade plug in today and it's AMAZING. We just put a cute fall decoration up and I have fall color flowers on my dining room table. I love browns, oranges, dark reds, etc. Now that I have a house, I'm going to buy the ones on clearance when the season changes and stock up for next year!

  3. love the sweater!!! Looks so warm!
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