Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My End of the Day Ramblings

I just wanted to drop by and say "HEY" and that I hope everyone is having a good day!.

Last night I started getting sick - probably a cold or allergies .. nonetheless, it SUCKS and I don't feel good. :(  Tonight Shelby and I are starting the "Fireproof Your Marriage" class at our church - based on the movie Fireproof.  We watched it last night to prepare for the class.  I'm excited about the class, but at the same time I'm so tired and I just don't feel like doing anything except going home and slipping on my PJ's..

When I got home from work yesterday I had 4 catalogs in my mailbox! I was such a happy girl :) I love looking at them and I ALWAYS circle things on the pages and make notes.  I'm such a dork! I wonder if I'm the only person who does that?!

Tomorrow a couple ladies I work with and myself are going to meet one of the volunteers for lunch.  She just recently had a double knee replacement surgery - and she's one of the "lunch bunch" so we're going to go visit her.  I am looking forward to seeing her!

Does anyone like to do secret sister or secret pal things? I have had the urge or the want to just do something for my friends and coworkers, but not let them know it's me.  Kinda as a secret sister .. but is it stupid to just do it all by yourself? And is it stupid to do it for more than one person at a time? What are you thoughts?

Well, the time is now 4:23 and I am going to get my things together to head out the door.  I love getting to work early, because it means I get to leave a few moments early.  With a day like today, I'm SO ready to be  HOME and see my baby!

Have a wonderful evening everyone!

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