Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is this MONDAY .. again?!

Good morning

I got off to a slow start this morning. I left my keys in Tristan’s diaper bag (from last night) so Shelby took them to work with him this morning. He left before I did this morning, so I had no keys. He had to leave work to bring them back to me – and then I was late for work myself. Ugh – are you sure this isn’t a Monday?!

Last night was the Fireproof Your Marriage class at church. It went really well. There was a large group in attendance with couples of all ages. There was even a couple who aren’t married in there! I thought that was cute. I think it’s going to be a good class. Shelby and I aren’t having marital problems – so don’t get the wrong idea. We just wanted to take part in this class in hopes of strengthening our marriage – as I’m sure most of the couples in the class do...

I am in such a need for a makeover. A TOTAL makeover. Physically, emotionally, spiritually... just in every way possible. I feel like every day is a struggle to get out of bed and when I look at myself in the mirror it makes the struggle that much harder. I guess I could start with getting my hair cut. It’s a disaster. I can’t get it to do anything because it’s in the “in between” stage. Don’t you just HATE that?! I want to look like a professional at work, but it’s hard to when your hair looks like poop and your clothes don’t fit you right. It’s so depressing! I am so tired... I am so out of control of my life... I need a change...

I just realized that I didn’t get to give Tristan a kiss goodbye this morning... no wonder I’m having such a bummed out day.

This too shall pass – as my mother says...


  1. Aw Miranda, I'm sorry you're having a such a rough morning. Hang in there. It'll get better. If you're looking for a make over I say start with the hair. That's always a huge change when the hair gets changed up.

    I'm glad your class went well! I haven't seen that movie but I've heard really good things about it.

  2. if you like getting "made up", I would recommend looking at Lots of good makeup for $1! Seriously! I order all the time and always feel better then my makeup looks nice. I think bad days have been an epidemic lately! Hope your week ends well :)