Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Hey Ya’ll!

I’m sorry for being so out of touch lately. We still DO NOT have internet at our house, which continues to drive me crazy, but we hope to fix that problem THIS WEEK. As I have mentioned before, my work has started to try and limit our internet usage (for NON WORK things, makes sense I suppose.. ha ha) so I have to actually type my blogs in Microsoft Word, Copy them, then open up my blog and paste them! Where there is a will, there is a way – right?! Ha ha.

I love reading everyone’s blogs. I feel so sad that I haven’t been able to comment like I want to. So, I apologize to you girls that I always comment for – I promise I’m not neglecting you! Once I get internet at my house, I’ll be a commenting fool! Just you wait and see.

My sweet friend Rachel blogged about books she wants to read. That’s so inspiring! I love to read as well, but my problem is I start like 2 or 3 books at once and then wonder why I never get into them. I started reading The Shack a while back. It’s a good book, but I’m having a hard time following it. Is this book supposed to be fiction or is it a true story? At some points I just wanna say “YEAH RIGHT”. But, I wonder if maybe I’m missing the point because so many people are in love with this book. I might start reading it again and see what I can come up with. I should probably start from the beginning and just take my time. I also started Julie and Julia – but I kinda stopped reading it – I forget to read some evenings and then I just forget about it totally! Maybe if I would put it on my daily TO DO list I would remember.

I’m so in love with this time of the year. I love Fall – If I could live in a place that was fall year round I’d do it in a heartbeat! Last night I went to Michaels and bought some things to make a Halloween wreath and a Fall wreath. I love making wreaths as well! I have made all my Christmas ones – it’s a lot of fun! I love being crafty – but I just normally don’t have the time to. I’m gonna try and do better. But anyways – how are ya’ll planning on decorating for the holidays? I’d love some fresh ideas. I plan on posting my ideas once I get them in place. Maybe we can have a craft idea swap and some holiday recipe swaps. What do you say?!

Well – I better scoot for now – work doesn’t get done by itself ha ha.

Ohh – I read that Patrick Swayze died. I am sooo sad! He was MY MAN when I was younger. I had a poster of him from Dirty Dancing on my wall and only knew him as “Johnny Castle”. Such a sad, sad day. At least he is no longer suffering…


  1. I just bought Christmas wreath stuff today at hobby lobby! You have to check out a site called www.christmasplace.com

    You'll love it! They have tons and tons of christmas decorations.

  2. I'm all about exchanging craft ideas. I've been crafting for Christmas presents and it seemed to go over well last year. It's so much more personal to do that (and cheaper). You know what I love about this time of year? the fragrances that are out, like the pumpkin spice and stuff. That is why I love going into michaels so much..it ALWAYS smells so good! I could live in Michaels and just smell it all day long.