Sunday, August 23, 2009

Super Sunday :)

One more week left until the big MOVE! I will be relying on my trusty TO DO list. We have so much work to do - we haven't even started packing yet! That will be my assignment during the evenings this week. It shouldn't be too hard - the hard part will be not hanging out with Tristan all evening. I love my little guy!

I told you I was a list maker, right?!

Tristan is growing more and more every day!!!! He actually stood up on his own at church today :) He was so cute! I can't believe how interactive he has been these past few days. It's like he's changed into a BIG BOY over nite!!

Standing up like a big boy!

I was going to post some more, but my husband is in a very cranky mood this evening. I will have to do this another time. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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