Saturday, August 22, 2009

You Think You Know, But You Have NO Idea

Friday my babysitter quit. It came out of NOWHERE! Now we're having to scramble and find someone to watch Tristan. We have someone lined up thru the base - we just have to jump thru all those hoops, etc. My friend Sarah is HOPEFULLY gonna be able to watch him for a few days until I can get everything worked out. She's a total lifesaver!

I'm having some trouble with my mouth again. When I was pregnant my teeth really suffered, which is something that just happens to come people, and now they are starting to bother me again. I have one tooth that is broke and probably just needs to be pulled that has been bothering me ALL DAY. Pain medicine really doesn't make it stop hurting which is so freaking annoying! My new dental insurance is supposed to be in effect starting Sept 1 - it can't come soon enough! Just P L E A S E pray that I have some relief. I keep telling God, "I'm going to the dentist - I PROMISE .. I don't need you to remind me by having my mouth hurt!" ha ha. I don't think he's heard me yet. Should I ask louder?! ha ha - just kidding ;)

Well we've got one more full week until the MOVE! Yaaaay! I have my packing and unpacking schedule already made up. Today I have been cleaning the house. It was a disaster! whew! I moved a couch that we're getting rid of out into the garage. Shelby is gonna come home and be pretty shocked that I moved it I think - ha ha. I just wanted it done and sometimes you just have to do things yourself! Am I right?? I'm sure he would have gladly moved it for me - LoL.

My little Tristan is growing like a WEED!! In the past week he's done two new tricks (as I call them .. ha ha). He can now ROLL OVER - both ways (from his stomach to his back, and to his back from his stomach). Lately he has to sleep either on his side or his stomach. I can't believe this changed happened within just a matter of days! He can also hold his bottle - if he wants to :) I think it depends on how hungry he is. He's like "GIVE ME THIS THING" and holds it himself sometimes. So grown up! He is such a happy baby - I cannot stress that enough.

Well, my break is OVER! Back to finishing up my cleaning! Goodnight everyone! :)


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry that your babysitter quit. That's awful! If I was there I would totally offer to watch him for you. If you need 911 daycare on Monday-Wednesday call me and I'll get there lol.

  2. Thank you jen! You're such a wonderful friend :) We are really trying not to stress over it - but it's REALLY hard! I miss my real friends so much. I only have a couple here ..

  3. I would SO watch him with Lucca if I was a stay-at-home mom!!

  4. Thank you ! I really appreciate that :) I know so many people who would LOVE to watch makes me feel a little better :)