Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings :)

I wanted to thank everyone who thought of us and prayed for us about the babysitter situation for Tristan. We were able to secure a spot for him with a day care provider (in home) on base. He starts Monday. :) I'm trying SO hard not to feel nervous and stressed. It's hard leaving your baby with someone you don't know. I want to be there with him every second of the day and I just can't. This week he is staying with my friend and he seems to be doing fine. It's only been one day though. Hopefully today goes well too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

We cleaned out the attic yesterday in preparation for the move. I didn't realize we had so many RANDOM empty boxes. I was like, "Why didn't we throw this crap away?!" We have empty boxes for our apple computer, our trash can, our fan .. just random stuff. The totally hilarious thing is (can you sense my sarcasm) that we have NO MOVING BOXES! They have managed to disappear. Ha ha ha ha ha .. hilarious, huh? I'm hoping we just stashed them somewhere else. I will have to see :)

So I'm looking for a sugar free iced coffee that I can drink - that actually tastes good. I like the Iced Caramel Coffee from McDonalds and I LOVE Caramel Fraps from Starbucks. But, they are loaded with sugar. I tried a Skinny Iced Vanilla Latte this morning and it was OK. (From Starbucks). It's not as sweet as I'd like, so I had to put some splenda in it. I could probably handle it but I'd like to have something that tastes a little better. Any suggestions?!

My husband gave me a "honey do" list for today. ha ha! My assignments are as follows:
  1. Call JEA and change our service from the OLD house to the NEW house starting 9-1-09
  2. Contact Direct TV and see if we can cancel our service. IF NOT, have it moved to the new house.
  3. Contact Comcast and do the same thing
  4. Reserve a UHaul Truck - DONE

Only three more things to do and the list is DONE! woohoo! ;)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  1. What happened with your first babysitter? That totally stinks! I'm hoping it all works out for you! :)

  2. She couldn't watch Tristan anymore :( Very stressful time but I'm getting thru it!!