Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Signature for Blogger!

A couple people have asked my about the signature on my blogs, so I'm going to attempt to explain how do to it - hopefully you understand by the time I'm finished!!!

Okay, Step 1: Go to You don't have to register, just click to proceed without doing so (if you see that button / link / whatever it says)

Step 2: You want to use the "SIGNATURE CREATION WIZARD" .. Enter your text, follow the "next" buttons at the bottom. There are like over 100 different fonts to choose from!

Step 3: After you select your font, size, color, slope, etc - click on the "want to use your signature" link, then "generate HTML code, then choose the TOP choice (from the two different HTML code options)

Step 4: FINALLY there will be a code to copy and paste. Go back to your BLOGGER page, Click on SETTINGS --> FORMATTING --> and scroll down to "Post Template". In that little box is where you paste your signature code. make sure you save!

Now, when you go to write a new blog, that signature will be there! I always have to click over it and hit enter once so that I can put my text above it - you might now have to do that. :)

I hope this helps!! if I have confused you, let me know and I will try to walk you thru it better!


  1. I see you found a template for 3 columns!!!

  2. Yes ma'am! YAAAAAAAAAY! ha ha
    I love your blog - it has so much cool stuff on it. How did you find so many followers?

  3. Thanks for this Miranda! And you were right - it's super easy! :)