Monday, August 17, 2009

Open Mouth Insert Toes!!

This evening while I was cooking dinner Tristan was hanging out in the kitchen with me - just chilling in his bouncer. He was being really cute and playing with his feet so I got out the camera and started to video and while I was taking the video he put his toes in his mouth for the very first time! YAAAAY! I am a very excited Momma!


  1. haha that is so cute/hilarious! Lucca shows no interest in his feet whatsoever... Where did you make the image with his name and birthday??

  2. i used my live signature and then I right clicked and saved the image to my computer, then I "added a photo" and there ya go! :)

  3. I need a cool signature! How do I get one - I'm not very good at blogger!