Friday, March 20, 2009

Laundry Is The Only Thing That Should Be Separated By Color

So last night I started on Tristan's laundry. Let me say I had no idea how long it would take to sort through it all and remove the tags. By the time I got done it was too late to actually START the laundry. ha ha. He has so many cute clothes - I can't wait to put them all on him! (not at the same time). While I was sorting through it I was making a mental list of the things I wanted to take to the hospital for him to wear. The new born clothes look so TINY! I hope he's not too big for them!

I just can't wait for him to get here!! All my friends are having March babies, and Tristan is gonna be an April baby - so seeing everyone have their babies makes me want mine that much more! I'm so excited, but at the same time I can't wrap my brain around the fact that I'm really gonna have a baby - that I'm not gonna be pregnant forever, there really is a baby in my tummy that's gonna come OUT! It just doesn't seem real! It's so hard to explain..LoL

I think I'm starting to turn into a Craigs List junkie. My friend Jamie is the QUEEN of Craigs List, so I guess I've learned from the master. ;) I found a bouncer seat and a swing for $30.00 (for both) the other day. They look brand new! I got a diaper genie yesterday for $5.00 and it came with some refills! I felt like I was stealing it from the poor lady! ha ha. Jamie found my glider on Craigs List for $40.00. It's insane how much money I've already saved just by finding things used. I hope I continue to have good experiences with it!!

I'm attempting to get Tristan's room ready this weekend and to get our bags packed for the hospital. Everyone says "Start EARLY" because you never know what can happen. Hopefully I'll have all of that done this weekend, then I can just sit back and relax while I wait on him to make his entrance into the world :)

Well, thank goodness it's FRIDAY! Everyone has already left work - and I think I might just do the same here shortly :) It's beautiful outside too... what a wonderful day!

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