Thursday, April 2, 2009

The End Is In Sight!

I'm 37 weeks today! woohoo! I can start to see the finish line from here :) Looking back I've been really blessed with an easy pregnancy. The diabetes has sucked and I really hope I don't have to deal with that once he's born, but I haven't been sick at all - I haven't had to deal with being swollen until the last week or so - I can't ask for a better pregnancy.

Tristan's bag is packed and ready to go. I've still gotta get mine together. It just doesn't seem REAL that he could be here so soon - so it's like I can't get my but in gear! ha ha. I feel like my house is so dirty - I know it's just the nesting tricks that my body is playing on me. Next week is my last week to work then I'll be on maternity leave - I'm really looking forward to being off work so I can clean my house and be a housewife again for a little while. I enjoy being a housewife! I love it when my house is ALWAYS clean! I feel like it's making my skin crawl right now..LoL

I might get to see Tristan sooner than I thought. My Dr told me last week that she would like to take him early. I was so excited that I felt like tackling her. She's tiny, so I'm glad I didn't - I might have killed her! ha! I go in next Wednesday for my 38 week appointment and to probably get my membranes stripped (hopefully - I'm keeping my fingers crossed) and then if that doesn't get things going I'll get induced! I'll be 39 weeks on April 16, so I'm gonna see if she will let me schedule it for that day - for sure. I just want him here NOW.. I worry about him and I want to make sure he's out safe and sound! :)

So April is EARTH MONTH and since Tristan is gonna be an April baby I bought him a shirt at the Gap that says "Tree Hugger". ha ha! It's so cute!! He should be here by Earth Day, so I'll make sure he sports it :) The guys at work tease me and call me a "Tree Hugger", so I thought they would get a kick out of it too :) Hopefully Tristan doesn't mind being called a Tree Hugger..ha ha

Getting back to how lucky I've been these past 9 months - let me just say I am SO thankful that I haven't started getting MISERABLE until this past week. It's amazing what your body does to prepare for child birth - it just blows me away. I guess my muscles and ligaments are starting to loosen up because my muscles in my lower stomach, groin, and inner thighs are SO SORE! I look so funny when I get up from my desk and go to walk to the files. The guys asked me if I needed to borrow a walker. ha ha. It just takes me a few minutes to get started, then I'm good. But my goodness it's insane how sore I am! My poor feet have been so swollen - I can barely wear my sandals. My feet have always been the skinniest part of my body, so it's kinda strange seeing them so swollen! I swear I have fat rolls on my ankles.. it's pretty gross looking. Ahh.. the joys of pregnancy!

It's all worth though - I know that part already :)

Well - I will keep everyone updated as the time keeps passing. I go in tomorrow for my last ultrasound... I can't wait to see him!!


  1. I'm so glad I found you on here! I bet you are SUPER excited for Mr. Tristan to get here! I added you to my "follow" list. I can't wait to see pictures of the baby! :)

  2. I didn't know you started this blog! It's so cute!!! =) How exciting. It's fun to hear how everything is going. You're going to be such a great mom.....and you're going to be a great mom so SOON! Hugs!