Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Head is SPINNING!

Hey ya'll - I'm just stopping by quickly to say HEY and give ya'll an update.

Thursday night I started having trouble with my right ear, as the evening went on I started to get dizzy and sick to my stomach.  I woke up Friday morning completely dizzy and sick to my stomach, and I remained that way the entire dreadful day.  This morning I woke up with the same symptoms.  I went to the Dr and got some medicine to help the pressure go away.  I've only had one dose, so it' hasn't started working yet.  Please pray that the pressure in my ear goes away soon so I can be normal again!

I can't hear very well outta my ear, but noise seems to echo and cause my ear to ring.  No much sense, huh?  The pressure is causing me to be off balance and it's making my dizzy, in turn making me sick to my stomach from being "motion sick".  I've lived in a fog for 2 days now.  I'm miserable and I'm starting to get annoyed and testy.

Just keep me in your prayers! I'm hoping tomorrow I'm better because I have a lot of stuff to do  - Tristan's birthday party is next weekend!

I'm starting to get antsy and short tempered from it all..  not a good combo.



  1. i just said a prayer for you! so sorry you feel so terrible!

  2. I hope you get to feeling better soon! Did they say exactly what was wrong with your ear or how long it will take for it to start feeling better?

  3. Being sick is never fun.. I hope you're better!!