Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Secret Spys, Baths & Bedtime!

My dad totally cracks me up. He has the mentality that everyone (or everything) is out to get him. Every piece of modern technology has a secret tracking device and “they” are watching everything he does. If you ask him who “they” is, he simply says.. “THEY!” We still don’t know who “they” are.. but anyways! If you have an iphone you know that sometimes your phone will prompt you to “use your current location”. Well, my dad REFUSES to do this because he doesn’t want “them” to know where’s he’s at. You know, the people who have nothing better to do than sit around and track everything that a middle aged man from Huntington, WV is doing - those people.  We had to explain to him that on some applications, for instance MAPS, you HAVE to let it know your current location or it doesn’t really work.

Another one - he doesn’t want Pandora to track the songs he likes, because he doesn’t want “them” to know what kind of music he listens to.
His newest enemy is facebook. He wanted to upload some pictures with the facebook picture uploader, but it asked for “access to your computer” or something like that. Well, he’s not having any of that so he’s trying to find a different way to upload his pictures. Before he was using the simple uploader that only does like 5 at a time. I told him about iphoto exporter for Facebook, so I think he’s gonna check that out. I honestly can’t remember if it asks you anything “weird” or not. I had to assure him that I have used the facebook picture uploader a MILLION times and that Facebook is NOT out to get him! I can’t help but laugh – my dad is so funny and this seriously cracks me up. I’m not BASHING him, I just wanted to share how cute and funny my dad is. LoL

Shelby and I are still fighting off this allergy/cold thing. I didn’t sleep well last night because I never sleep well with a cold, and this morning my poor throat was sore and for some reason I was STARVING?! Shelby was too! So weird! LOL! I had to grab a handful of dry cereal because I was so hungry I was starting to feel nauseous. I’m kinda dragging today, but I will make it :-)

Last night was a very relaxing evening. Since we were both feeling kinda crummy we just ate mac & cheese and watched TV. Around 6:45 pm we gave T a bath. He loves bath time! He found a new way to splash last night so Shelby and I got a “shower” as well. Ha ha. We had him in bed by 7:30. We didn’t know what to do with all the extra time! ha! We ended up watching a movie (from beginning to end – which never happens anymore) and then afterwards we still had time to work on our housing application for Hawaii! Woohoo!
Tristan is kinda on a late schedule, compared to other babies I know. His bedtime is usually 9pm. We want to tweak his routine a little, so we’re gonna try to start putting him to bed earlier. It actually worked out last night JUST fine! He gets tired around 7:30 or 8:00, but that boy will not stop playing! He will play until he’s so tired that he’s falling over on himself. We have to make him go to bed.. and then he’s OUT before the room gets dark. He’s just a happy baby - never really fusses.. so we always let him keep playing..LoL. Sometimes, as a parent, you look back at things (for me it’s T’s bedtime routine) and you think to yourself.. “This is such a stupid way to do this” or “Why on earth did I think that was EVER ok?!” Yeah – I definitely need to change his bedtime routine. It’s things like that that usually make me feel like I’m not that good of a Mom..

I’m currently trying to find a job in Hawaii. So far, not having much luck. I really need a job – because we still have bills to pay. So please, if you think about it, say a little prayer for me ! I appreciate it!  :-)


  1. Haha, Miranda you had me cracking up with the story about your dad. My mom is kinda the same way when it comes to those things lol.

    Good luck on the job search!

  2. This is hilarious. My in-laws are like this. My father-in-law is trying to find a new job and he refuses to put stuff on Monster, because he doesnt' want people to get his information! It's just a different generation!

    We're battling colds/allergies here too. Darn this Florida weather! :( Feel better!