Monday, March 29, 2010

LOVE Weekends! :-)

Good Morning!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It's hard to believe it's Monday already.. I guess time flys when you're havin' fun.. right?!

This weekend went really well.  Saturday we joined with another family and had a yard sale.  I was so nervous because I've never done one before - I was afraid nobody would want my "junk".  I was very surprised that almost everything we had sold! What?! It was unbelievable!  It was actually a lot of fun too.  If we were staying I would tell Kathryn that we should plan one for each season! She's a great yard sale partner!

After the yard sale we went to a birthday party for an adorable little 2 year old.  Shelby and I went and saw her in the hospital the day she was born - now she's 2! Holy cow!  Where in the world did 2 years just go?!  Her Momma is so awesome - she's a great friend.  I'm gonna miss her so much when we move :-(

Sunday we got up and went to church.  Tristan cried when we dropped him off at the nursery.  :-(  He's starting this new thing where he's shy around strangers and he clings to Shelby and I.  He used to go to ANYONE now he's acting scared.  I know it's normal and I'd rather him run FROM strangers instead of run TO them, but I don't want him to be shy. He was fine after a few minutes - he's such a ham... you'd think he'd LOVE the extra attention!  After church we had lunch at Olive Garden.  Tristan was tired, so he wasn't on his best behavior at lunch.  It's so stressful taking a "toddler" out in public when they're tired or hungry.  Try mixing the two!  I am so scared of being the parent that everyone stares at and mumbles under their breath "man, I wish she would get her child under control!" I think we just have un-realistic expectations.. we expect him to sit quietly like a little angel while we eat.  He's 11 months old! He wants to PLAY and TALK and THROW THINGS!

Sunday afternoon we got our whole house clean, played with Tristan, cooked and ate dinner, relaxed, watched TV.. just enjoyed the evening.  It was a beautiful day!

I've contacted someone about a new blog design / makeover - I sure hope it works out and I get something totally cute!  I'm starting to get really excited about HAWAII! :-)


  1. I am going to have a yard sale this spring and I have the EXACT same fear! I'm like "I don't want this crap so why would anyone else." Haha! But, I'm still going to go for it! If nothing else, I'll give it away at the end of the day just so it's out of our garage!! :)

  2. ooooh, a new blog design?! how fun! so glad you are getting excited about hawaii! you said olive garden and now i want some. too bad it's only 10:50 am.

  3. Yay, that's great about the yard sale! I'm having one next month to try to purge before this move! I can't wait to see the new blog layout!

  4. I'm glad that the yard sale went so well!!!