Monday, February 8, 2010

My Very First BLOG AWARD! :)

I would like to pause for a moment and share with you just how EXCITED I am because I just received my very first blog award!!!!  I feel like I should thank the Academy or something - how awesome! :)
The award I received is the "Beautiful Blogger" award! Not only did I get this award, but I got it twice! First from Amanda at It's Blogworthy and next from Mariah at Mariah Smile! Thank you SO MUCH girls! I really appreciate it!

With this award comes much responsibility.  FIRST I must share 7 things about myself and then I must give this award to 7 other bloggers! :)

1. I am from West Virginia, but have been living in Florida for almost 3 years. (My husband is in the Navy)
2. I have a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice - I currently work @ a Sheriff's Office in the White Collar Crime unit :)
3. I have 1 son, Tristan.  He is 9.5 months old.  My labor with him was 32 hours - I'm a super woman!
4. I don't like stuff on my hands - dirt, food stuff (when cooking or eating), smells.  I wash my hands probably 25 times while I'm cooking and I used to eat popcorn with a spoon so I wouldn't get the butter on my hands. 
5. I've been married for a little over 3 years to my husband who I met in college.  He is a musician with the Navy.
6. I am an only child, but my family hosted exchange students from Japan for 5 years (or was it 6??) so I have "sisters" who live in Japan and I still talk to them!
7. I LOVE to laugh, so MAKE ME LAUGH!

OK - now on to my little award ceremony for my fellow bloggers!!!  Most of these girls are people I know personally.  I'm sorry if that offends anyone - but honestly, I don't know a lot of people in the blog world - I'll be lucky to get 7 people!

1. Lyndsay @ Our Life.  Lydnsay and I used to live across the street from one another! She has a little boy named Lucca who is a few months older than Tristan.  We used to be walking buddies when our boys were smaller.  Since then, I have moved to another part of town and we don't really get to see each other that often, but I miss our walks! She has a great blog and you should seriously check it out - AND check out her absolutely adorable little man, LUCCA!

2.  Jennifer @ Crazy Shenanigans.  Jennifer is one of my oldest friends!  We went to highschool together and college - we were in the same sorority and we still keep in touch!  She also has an amazing blog with lots of followers! If you haven't checked out her blog, do so NOW - you'll be glad you did :)

3. Rachel @ Our Life in WV.  Rachel is also a sorority sister of mine! Her and her husband are expecting their first child and I love hearing all the stories she has about her pregnancy.  Rachel, like myself, is a very detail oriented person - so I feel like I can really relate to her stories.  :)  I really hope you give her blog a look!

4. Jenna @ Life Among the Hills.  Jenna is a great girl.  We used to try and have regular Starbucks dates in college.  She is also a fellow sorority sister and such a fun blogger to read about.  Make sure you check out her blog!

5.  I don't know if it's OK to re-gift, but I do want to give this blog to Mariah @ Mariah Smile.  Mariah and I went to highschool together and were in band together.  There's something about band people - we usually tend to remain friends!  ha!  I love checking in on her blog and seeing what she's up to.  I really hope you take a look for yourself! :)

6.  Another re-gift: Amanda @ It's Blogworthy.  Hilarious - that just about sums it up! I ALWAYS get a laugh then I read her blog.  She's so witty and clever.  Always has a great story to tell.  Not to mention she's a great girl AND a fellow sorority sister!  I actually think she's my grand-big.. :)

7.  Ok, last but NOT least - Ashley @ Spoonful's of Sugar.  This girl is SO SWEET!  She always leaves the nicest comments.  She's a huge fan of disney and she has the cutest blog - that she designs herself! This girl always has the best sounding recipes - PLEASE check her out! You will not be disappointed!!

Whew! I MADE IT!  :)  Thanks again to those who gave me an award.  I REALLY appreciate it!  I hope you take the time to check out my fellow blog friends :)