Saturday, February 6, 2010

LOVE the Weekends!

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE the weekends? Going to work everyday can get old - don't get me wrong I'm very thankful for my job - but I wish I could have a few extra days off, ya know?!  Maybe someday I will be able to be a stay at home momma! :)

This morning Tristan slept in until after 8 am! This is like 2 hours later than he normally wakes up.  AND he didn't get up at all last night to eat.  (for the past month he has got us up EVERY night to eat.. )  Shelby and I were both shocked.  I don't usually have to set an alarm because he works like clockwork - thankfully I didn't have to be up for work this morning!

Shelby is in a Ultimate Frisbee "league" and today were the PLAYOFFS! (Big deal, ya know).  Tristan and I took our time getting ready, made a trip by Starbucks - because a girl has to have her coffee - and then we went to cheer on the PURPLE team! Shelby's team ended up making it to the finals - so it turned out to be an all day event.  We all came home with sun burt / wind burt faces.  We're going to look like a bunch of tomatoes at church tomorrow..  But anyways - Shelby had to work valet tonight at the beaches, so I made a pizza and we had an early dinner.  Tristan and I played with his toys for a while, then he decided to take a nap.  I got our house all clean and now I'm relaxing myself!
Tomorrow is the Super Bowl.  I think we'll end up having a little Tucci Party here at our house.  I'm sure T will be asleep before the game is over.. but we will still have fun with him!  I have to think about what I'm going to cook for dinner tomorrow night.  Usually we like to eat chili or something when we watch football, but I don't have everything to make chili.  Hmmmmm..

Well - I am going to go read a little bit and I'm sure I'll fall asleep before too long.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday!


  1. I'm glad for the weekend too! Especially with all the snow we are having here!

    Question: How did you get your blog template to be 3-column?

  2. I live for my days off! Glad you had a great weekend!