Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lists, Lists, and more Lists

I have been a list makin' machine this week.  I've made a enormous list of all the work tasks I need to complete before I leave and I also created a moving checklist which I broke down into "Phases" so that it didn't seem so overwhelming. (the list is 3 pages long..typed)  I think I see all the things I have to accomplish in just a few short months and it's sort of sending me into a small panic.  I have spent my entire week (this week) trying to organize my thoughts, my ideas, my plans, and my sanity.  Thank goodness for Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry.  Girl, you're amazing!

With help from her book, I've been able to organize my mind, my schedule, my cleaning schedule, and my priorities.  This leaves me room to organize other things, which are very important - especially when you have a cross country move fastly approaching.

I organized my crazy mind - basically by coming up with a plan to get rid of CLUTTER!  Clutter drives me insane, and causes me to be very unproductive.  Clutter also just takes up too much space.  I have come up with a 6 Phase Plan (again with the Phases) to get rid of all the clutter in my house.  I know you're probably thinking, "Geez.. a freakin' 6 Phase Plan?!?"  ha ha - YEP!  If you know anything about me, you'll know this is the craziness I come up with.  Very structured and very organized.  ;-) By writing things down and coming up with these "plans" it helps me clear out my mind.  I've constantly got millions of projects and ideas running around up there.. so anytime I can get it down on paper it's good for me :)  One of the good things about this de-clutter plan, it will help me get rid of all random stuff I don't need to pack when we move! See - I'm killin' two birds with one stone!

I totally revamped my cleaning schedule.  It just wasn't working - and I think i was in denial about it not working.  I wrote down the basic things we do (chore wise) day to day or week to week.  Nothing extra.  I took that list and made my revised, and actually much simpler, cleaning schedule.  I'm quite pleased with it! It's extremely practical and SIMPLE. 

As far as my priorities go, I've never really sat down and wrote them out.  I tried to be very basic - only using one or two words to describe what my priorities are.  For example, My Husband, My Son, My Job, My Family, etc.  Things like that.  After I made my list of priorities (I was supposed to come up with 10, but I have 11.. ha ha) I wrote down the things that motivate me and the things I want to accomplish in my life.  Naturally, it all kinda tied into my list of priorities.  The last thing I did was write down what activities I currently participate in and then I compared it to my list if priorities to see if there were any things that didn't match up.  I can see some areas in which I need to improve in order to give my priorities the attention they deserve, so mission accomplished!

I think Monday I'm gonna start on cleaning out my clutter, getting rid of things we no longer need or use, and start packing the things we don't need right now.  I've basically got my game plan, so now all I have to do is START. 

This week I also updated my resume.  It looks really nice! I found an awesome template and then I just filled in all my information.  Very clean, very crisp, very professional looking.  I have found a few jobs I'd like to apply for, so I think I'm gonna start doing that as well.  I just hope and pray I find a job before we move!!!


  1. I'm wondering if I should get this book?!? Would you be amazing and tell me where you found the template because I need to update my resume hardcore!

    Also if you're still looking for a job out in HI, try That's where I found my job.

  2. I'd love to hear about your cleaning schedule. I can never get it together with the cleaning. I'm on top of things and next thing I know, my house is a mess. I love it so much more when it's clean. :(