Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting, Ski Jumping, and Air Wick Smells GOOD!

Last night Shelby and I got to babysit some absolutely adorable kids! So much fun!  I was actually kinda nervous, because it's totally different when it's not YOUR kids, but these kids were great.  They didn't try to pass anything by us since they're parents were gone - it was sooooo nice!  We "cleaned" the garage, talked about motorcycles (bicycles), watched Tom & Jerry (which I haven't seen in FOREVER), learned about "fishes", and played with baby Tristan.  ha ha.  Their little girl was so cute - she wanted to push the baby (Tristan) around in her little doll stroller.  I wasn't sure how T was gonna handle it, but he was such a trooper! He sat in her stroller and let her fasten him in, and then he sat there like a perfect angel while she pushed him around the house.  It was sooooo cute!   After she pushed him around, she stopped and unfastened him (like a good little Momma) and then she sat down in the stroller to be pushed.  Tristan LOVES to push things and walk behind them, so while I was fastening her into the stroller T got behind it to push it! I let him go and he pushed her around the house!! ha ha! It was soooooooo cute! I wish I had my camera! When he got to the end, he needed help turning around but I couldn't do it fast enough and he would get impatient with me! LOL!  He didn't wanna stop!  I was amazed that he could push her around like it was nothing.. he was having the best time :)
After the kids went to bed, Shelby and I watched Ski Jumping.  I was noticing how skinny those guys are! Have you seen them?  I thought the first guy was just a skinny person, but then as each guy got up to jump I noticed they were ALL incredibly skinny.  I read up on it this morning, because I like to know everything about everything, and I found out that there is actually some problems with the guys being too skinny.  They had to regulate how skinny they could be! WOW! I guess the skinnier you are the farther you fly??  I dunno! 
So Shelby and I have found a new product that we like.  It's called Air Wick Aqua Mist.  It's like Febreeze, which I absolutely LOVE and couldn't live without ... until now.  This stuff is cheaper than Febreeze so we decided to give it a try.  Let me tell you - it's awesome!!!  It's so fine of a mist, but so strong on a smell.. it doesn't take much at all and it sprays a large area with each mist.  Shelby sprayed our bed linens earlier in the day, and that night our room still smelled awesome.  Everytime I use it I'm more amazed at how awesome it is! This is something I plan on using from now on!  I love Febreeze but the smell doesn't last very long and we go thru it so fast.. not to mention when you spray your couch it's wet for a while afterwards.  This spray is a very fine mist, but the smell is so "potent" that it hangs on for quite a while.  It doesn't take much at all.  Just two or three sprays for our whole couch (cause it covers a lot of area!)  TRY IT!  You can get it at Target/Walmart/anywhere I'm sure! We got the PINK one :)

I have to tell you something my husband did - he came home yesterday and did all my cleaning for me! I got home from work and it was ALL DONE! I was sooo amazed and it was sooooo nice to come home and not have to worry about it! THANK YOU SHELBY!

I don't have much on the agenda today - I've got a headache that I can't shake this morning!  I don't get to take lunch till about 1:15, so I will be happy when that time comes and I can get out of the office for a while.  I am kinda unmotivated today..LoL. 


  1. The ski jumpers are SO skinny! There was one guy who was around 210 and they kept saying, "Fat doesn't fly" I kept thinking, I wonder how that dude was going to feel when he watched the tapes and heard them saying that!!!?

    Hope your headache goes away!

  2. i noticed they were skinny last night. Maybe I just need to become a ski jumper. :)

    I definitely need to try that Airwick stuff. I use Febreeze too and love it, but it doesn't last long at all. And with pets, you know how you can get "pet smell" very quickly. I hate my house smelling bad. So I'll be on the lookout for it!