Friday, January 29, 2010

Yay it's FRIDAY! :)

Hello!  I am so happy today is Friday.  This week went by really fast, but I'm still happy to see Friday! :)  My dad is actually on his way to FL as we speak, so I get to spend the weekend with him!

I always get excited when my parents come down.  1. Because I miss them and 2. Because they get to see Tristan! He's always changing so everytime they seem him he does something new. 

I tell you what, I am SO tired today! I went to bed at 6:30 last night and didn't get up until 6:30 this morning, but I still feel like I could go back to bed.  I'm not on any crazy drugs this morning - just motrin.. but my goodness!   It's almost affecting my work - what's the deal?!

I wanted to let ya'll know that I'm doing fine with my tooth.  I haven't had ANY pain in my tooth socket - just my mouth muscles.  It hurts to smile..LoL.. and I think the guys I work with are trying to make me laugh at every opportunity.  The left crease of my lips hurt REALLY bad because of the stretching - it's just a little cracked.  I'm totally amazed that I have no pain other than that.  But, I've kept myself stocked on pain medicine, so that's probably why :)

Yesterday I was so "out of it".  The guys I work with were having a hay day with my situation! ha! They took me to lunch with them - I ended up eating refried beans at the mexican restaurant we went to.  The whole time they are trying to make me smile because the left side of my face was lifeless, and then I looked silly because only 1/2 of my face would smile.  LoL.  Then, they acted like I needed help to walk..they were having SO much fun.  Way too much fun.  LoL.

I'd really like to leave work early today.  I have some comp time.  I always get here early, so I get to leave early - but I'd lilke to leave especially early today.. like, not come back after lunch.  I just don't know how to work that in.LoL.  I really want to go home, ice my face, and rest.  I am so sooooo tired.  Also, since my dad is coming today I need to pick up around my house.  Nothing got done yesterday since I went to bed @ 6:30.  ugh..

I hope ya'll have a WONDERFUL weekend!


  1. Wow, I didn't know you had to get not just one but TWO teeth removed. Poor thing. I hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your time with your Dad this weekend.

  2. Have a great weekend! Have an awesome time with family!