Monday, January 4, 2010


Have you ever felt anxious or nervous but didn't know why? That's kinda how I'm feeling right now.  I feel like my skin is crawling and my heart is beating fast, but I don't know WHY I'm nervous...I hate this feeling!

Since I am who I am, I'm sitting here trying to rationalize WHY I'm feeling this way - in hopes of making myself feel better (ha ha)  I didn't wake up in a bad mood - but my house was like a sauna (at least the bathroom was this morning) and I HATE being hot and trying to get ready for the day.  Shelby was tending to the trash and the dogs, so Tristan and I were closed up in the bathroom while I was drying my hair and putting on my make-up.  I did open a window, but there wasn't any breeze.. so we were HOT! (I had us closed in because Tristan would be into something if he wasn't contained.. ha ha)  I know being hot kinda got me in a frustrated mood.  After I got dressed and everything I took Tristan to his room to get his diaper changed and get him dressed.  He left me a very warm and smelley present this morning - so that was fun..ha ha.  He NEVER sits still and it's so hard trying to wrestle with a poopy-butt 8 month old in what feels like 90 degree heat and not get frustrated. 

I get to work this morning and I have an e-mail from my dad - I guess I've done something to make him mad at me .. so I got bombarded with that first thing this morning...

Maybe all these things together are what's making me feel kinda "off"..

I am so determined to have a better year than last year.  I spent the majority of my year feeling the exact way I do right now - frustrated, anxious, nervous, and like I'm about to have a break down at any moment.  Just breathe......

I was searching for a new wallpaper for my work computer (the one I had was Christmas) and I came across one that was a Christian theme and it said "I am with you always".  I instantly felt a sense of calmness come over me - sometimes in all the commotion we forget that God is ALWAYS with us.  I know I do.  Thankfully, He has a way of reminding us that He's still there ..

Anyways - here's to a AWESOME day! I hope ya'll have a great Monday too!


  1. thank you posting this picture. I needed that today =)

  2. I hope your day gets better!! I think this year is going to be a great one for you!

  3. Miranda, we are so similar it's crazy! I can wake up fine and then some little things will send me into a tizzy. The worst is when I think I've done something wrong or hurt someone, or made someone mad. That ALWAYS throws me off. I fight anxious feelings every day of my life! I love this post though. Sometimes we just need to take a breath and then think of the perspective....concentrate on the blessings God gives us and that he doesn't want us to feel give our anxieties to him! I hope your day gets better. I'll say a little prayer for you, they always help :)