Monday, January 4, 2010

Adventures In Grocery Shopping

This evening after I got off work I went to my local PUBLIX and did our grocery shopping.  Since one of my goals is to make 1 new meal per week, I had a few extra (and out of the ordinary) things to purchase on this trip.  Shelby and I are creatures of habit.  We are very monotonous, especially when it comes to food.  Our menu's usually consist of Mac & Cheese, Sandwiches (Grilled Cheese for Me and Ham & Cheese for Shelby), Chicken Fried Steak, Spaghetti, and Baked Chicken with rice or potatoes and veggies.  B O R I N G!

One of the recipes I picked out called for white wine.  That's simple, huh?  As I was making my way over to the alcohol section of my grocery store I was thinking to myself - ok, I'll just grab some and then I'll move on to the baking section and pick up the bay leaves that I need and then ... - I was stopped dead in my tracks when I came upon what must have been THOUSANDS of bottles of different wines and who knows what else.  I could feel my palms get sweaty as I looked at all those bottles and suddenly realized - I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WINE!  Publix had signs above the display of bottles which told you what you wanted depending on the taste that you were looking for.  My choices were things like "fruity", "floral", and "spicy".  Unfortunately for me, my recipe did not specify which type (or flavor for that matter) of white wine to get.  At first I started narrowing my choices down by price, then I narrowed them down By what the bottle looked like.  The nicer looking the bottle, the higher up it was on my list.  :-)


I must have spend 15 minutes looking at wine .. it was like I was trying to decipher a foreign language.  The language of sophisticated adults who drank wine.

Before you judge my idiocy, you must know that I am not a drinker and I have never tasted wine.  I grew up in an alcohol free family (except for the occasional swig of Wild Turkey my grandma would steal around the holidays)  I wasn't even around alcohol until I got to college .. I got a late start on the education of alcoholic beverages.

But anyways - back to my story .. I managed to grab a bottle of Sutter Home Sauvignon Blanc.  It was inexpensive and had a nice looking label.  If this is a sucky wine, PLEASE don't tell me.  I think I might just break down after the strenuous decision making that took place just to pick that bottle of wine..  I would, however, love any advice you can give me on the best wine to cook with. :-)


  1. They actually have wine that is specifically for cooking. It's in with the spices, I think. For cooking, honestly, I'd go with the cheapest I can find. I'm not a snotty wine person by any means, so Sutter Home is fine with me! besides, even if you did get crappy wine, it wouldn't matter bc you're mixing it with other things :) If your recipe turns out and is good, post it!

  2. I completely smiled with this post. I got invited to an all wine christmas party and it was so awkward for me. I think I was one of the only people there to know nothing about wine. I mean I could tell you all about malibu but

    I think you made a good choice!