Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Good Morning!

I'm finally getting settled back into my daily routine, so I thought I'd take a moment to say HEY! :-) We got back into town LATE Sunday night from our Thanksgiving trip to Mississippi. We had a great time and I will post pictures about our trip a little later. Monday I got some errands taken care of around town and cleaned up my house a bit, since we left it a mess when we left for Mississippi. I hate coming home to a dirty house :-(

Today at work I'm just doing some miscellaneous filing and organizing. I've been working hard trying to find out everything we need to know about our next duty station. Things there are very different, which is kinda surprising to me! But, that's OK. :-) I'm making a notebook with all our forms and information, etc. We HAVE to stay organized or we'll go crazy. I REALLY wish I could share where we're going .. but I'm so afraid of making a big announcement and then our orders getting changed. I know that's probably silly, but I do hope you understand! Shelby got word yesterday that we will be in Jacksonville through July 4, so we're going to be staying longer than May. See, things changed already! ;-) We're supposed to get our orders sometime in January or February (such a long span of time, which sucks) but as soon as we find out (FOR SURE) I will share the wonderful news!

This is not my pantry, but this is how I like it to look!
Changing subjects - does anyone like to keep schedules for themselves? I know some of my fellow OCD girls like to make lists religiously. I have a "Cleaning Schedule" that I used to use when we lived in Virginia Beach. It worked great for me! I was so incredibly particular back then that my kitchen towels had to be folded the same way, and the lines on them had to match after they were stacked - the same went for our towels. In my pantry all my cans had to be facing the same way and had to be in line - like at the grocery store. Everything had its place. Since then, and since I've been working full time, my little cleaning habits have started to slowly change. I was in a weird place (within myself) and I really didn't have the motivation to do ANYTHING. Thankfully, I've started to notice that I'm getting back to my insanely particular ways - and honestly, I like it that way. I know its crazy .. but I like it when my shower products are in line and facing the same way, when my pantry is all neat and organized, when Tristan's baby food is organized by type and all facing a certain way, when things are spaced evenly apart on my kitchen/bathroom/any type of counter. I'm the girl who straightens the picture on the wall in a public bathroom. ha ha I'm in no way as bad as I once was, but I can feel myself getting back to those habits.

Anyways - I thought I'd share my "cleaning schedule" with you! I had to update it, since we no longer live in a one bedroom apartment in Virginia Beach. Maybe it will motivate you to make a cleaning schedule of your own! :-)

I pick up every day, so don't think that I only clean my kitchen on Monday! ha ha! This is for the "deep" cleaning that takes a little longer than everyday normal cleaning. Just FYI!!


Kitchen: Wipe down ALL counters & appliances, Floors, Clean the Sink, Clean out the Fridge

Floors: Throughout the whole house

Weekly Grocery Shopping (not a cleaning item, but it's still part of my "to do" list)


Living Room: Dust all surfaces, Wipe down surfaces, Throw away old magazines, etc

Dining Room: Dust all surfaces, Wipe down surfaces, Gather stray items

Office Area: Organize & Clean desk area, dust and wipe down all surfaces


Master Bedroom: Clean off all surfaces, Dust, Gather stray clothing and other items

Master Bathroom: Dust and Wipe down all surfaces, clean the shower, sinks, and toilet

Tristan's Room: Gather stray things, put things away, and dust


Guest Room: If needed

Guest Bathroom: Clean all surfaces, Clean shower, sinks, toilet

Floors: Throughout the whole house


Organize the Laundry room to prepare for Laundry Day Saturday


Laundry: Wash, Dry, Fold, and PUT AWAY

Strip Beds and change sheets

Dust where needed

Clean the floors if needed

Sweep outside and gather stray things outside


Clip Coupons

Plan Meals for Following Week

Plan Grocery List for Following Week

What's your cleaning schedule?!?!


  1. I don't have a cleaning schedule but I make my lists of things I need to do. I also make my shopping lists and currently my Christmas list for people and things I need to buy

  2. Girl, I would make you feel very un-OCD if you saw my cleaning list. Ha. I just might have to share it with you.
    Um, I definitely want my pantry to be as organized AND stocked like that. Though more variety than Hamburger Helpers and Spagetti Sauces. Haha

  3. I don't have a set schedule, but I tend to focus on doing one task at a time instead of one room at a time. For example: one evening I will dust every room in our house, or like tonight, I vacuumed every room in the house. I find this to be easier for me because I only have to get the products/tools/equipment out one time. That's just what works for me! :)

  4. Oh...and one more thing I forgot to say! I would kill for a pantry like that, okay maybe not really...but you know what I mean.

    My wedding caterer/florist/cake baker/GODDESS (seriously, she does it all) had a walk in refrigerator, walk in freezer, and a HUGE walk in pantry - and it was just as organized as that picture you posted. When I saw those three things in her shop, I fell in love with her and knew that she was put on this earth to do my wedding. And as a matter of fact, had she not already been married (and you know, if she wasn't a woman) I would have asked for her hand in marriage right then and there! :)