Monday, November 23, 2009

Wonderful Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday Everybody!  Did you enjoy your weekend?  I know I say this every Monday, but it's hard to believe the weekend is already over!  Time flies when you're having fun or being productive!! :)

I already blogged a quick blog about Saturday ( which I did Saturday evening) but I guess I could touch on it again, since it IS part of my weekend?!  Shelby and I were able to sleep in a bit Saturday morning, thanks to Tristan going RIGHT back to bed after his breakfast!!  Shelby had poptarts for breakfast, but I was hungry for some pancakes so I made 1/2 a batch for myself! ha ha  After some relaxing I went ahead and cleaned the kitchen from breakfast and started on my Saturday cleaning throughout part of the house.  My bedroom and bathroom didn't get touched and it's driving me absolutely crazy! Shelby was able to go out and mow the grass so Tristan and I drug out all our Christmas decor and started putting it out.  Tristan is all over the place now so it makes it harder to get things done while he's awake - he was also too busy looking for his "Da da da da"!  I captured that on video and I hope to be able to load it soon! I tried on Saturday evening but it wouldn't load :(  For dinner I made some potato soup and we just relaxed and watched some college football.

Tristan turned 7 months old on Saturday - it's completely unreal to me! He's so much fun right now .. learning so many things and doing something new almost every day.  If you don't have children now, just wait - you're life will be enriched so much more.

Sunday morning was incredibly lazy .. we skipped church like bad people and ended up working on our Christmas decor instead.  I got my fireplace mantle decorated, the tree put up in the dining room (which is incredibly cute and I'm so pleased with it!), Shelby got the BIG tree up - but we still have to decorate it, and he got the lights up on the house.   I still have 2 trees to put up and I need to decorate our main tree.  That will probably take up most of my week this week - we're trying to get everything decorated before we go out of town for Thanksgiving, that way it's done when we get home and we can just enjoy it!  Last night we had a little potluck with our Life Group, so I made Baked Spinach Artichoke Dip.  It's a great party food and really easy.  I ended up bringing some of the lefovers for lunch today! Yummy!

That pretty much wraps up my weekend - I love this time of year!! :)

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  1. That's great that you were able to get all of your decorations out! I'm doing that this weekend and I'm soooo excited!