Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Ok ya'll - have you ever heard of Quicken?  It's basically a program for your computer that you can keep track of all your bank accounts, etc.  Well - a coworker of mine told me about QUICKEN ONLINE (follow this link to sign up!) and it allows you to keep track of your checking accounts, savings accounts, all credit cards/loans, etc .. it's AMAZING!!! PLUS - it's TOTALLY FREE!

I just opened an account for Shelby and I yesterday afternoon, but I'm already in love with it and I'm SO excited about being able to keep track of all our accounts and expenses from ONE place.  This is going to be so helpful in our journey to financial freedom!

I just wanted to share this find with you.  Check it out and see if it's something your family could use!!  GOOD LUCK!

To fellow iPhone users - if you sign up for Quicken Online, there is also an app for your phone to keep track of your account & expenses.  Even MORE reason to sign up!  ;)


  1. So I just signed up. And all I can say is - WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE???? Thanks SO much for's awesome - and FREE! :)

  2. I KNOW!! It even has a place to keep track of your CASH - which is SO helpful for us! This is wonderful!

  3. I believe my parents use Quicken but I have honestly never thought to use it for us. I will have to check into it once I get home!