Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No wonder I can't sleep - my mind jumps around too much!

Mums: I'd like to purchase some mums for my entryway - but I can't seem to find any.  I take that back ,I did find some at Target by they were really tiny .. and I didn't know if it would look silly to have tiny little flowers with large pumpkins.  What do you think?  Does anyone have any fall scene's with mums? Can you share a picture of what it looks like - if you do? Also - where can I find some?!

Celebrities: Why in the world can't celebrities wear a bra when they go out in public.  It's not like these people can't afford one - goodness! I am so tired of seeing everyones ninnys ... if I wanted that I'd go to back woods WV (it's OK, I'm from WV I can say this) and go to wal-mart! I'd see TONS of bra-less women with tight clothes there I'm sure!

Random thought: If I were to talk about the soap that sticks to the pump and gets gooey and snotty looking, would you know what I'm tallking about? I just happend to think how nasty that looks .. and how I get grossed out everytime I see something like that.  My bathroom soap looked like that the other day and I was thinking to myself, "Ya know - I really hate it when this happens!"  How RANDOM! ha!

Motivation: Why is it that I cannot ever seem to get motivated about things? I seriously need to start snorting crack or something  - I need some energy!


  1. my plan for mums this year is to cut open a pumpkin, hollow it out, and plant the mums in the pumpkin! it doesn't have to be a big pumpkin.