Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tristan's Dr Appointment! :)

Tristan did SO WELL today at his Dr appointment! :) We got there and got signed in and of course he was flirting with ALL the ladies :) They were “oohing and ahhing” over him and he was eating it up! We went in and got him measured and weighed – he was laughing throughout the whole thing..LoL. The nurse LOVED him! He is 25 inches long and weighs 14lbs 15oz. We went in and waited on the Dr and we played with his cow toy. He was laughing and talking and in a great mood. The Dr came in, which is his new primary Dr and he’s wonderful, and Tristan loved him. Everything the Dr did to him he would laugh! The Dr said everything is fine with him. He looks great and didn’t notice anything wrong with him at all. His eyes are fine – I didn’t mention anything about his eye to see if the Dr would notice something wrong with it – but he didn’t notice anything wrong and everything was fine!

The only thing the Dr said was that he was in the 7th percentile as far as weight goes – so I guess he’s a little skinny?? He was wondering if the scale was accurate because at his last appointment he was around the 67th percentile with weight. He knows that he’s eating a lot and he said “That’s GREAT” when I told him about his vegetables and bananas. He said he can have some of the teething cookies and stuff like that as long as he doesn’t get a chunk of it in his mouth (broken off) I think we’re gonna try and put some rice cereal in most of his bottles instead of just the bedtime one to see if we can get a little more weight on him. Maybe he’s gonna be skinny like his daddy!

We had to wait about 45 minutes for his shots, but he did great. He was watching the other kids playing :) he even decided to take a nap! LoL! We went in to get his shots and he was asleep, but the first one startled him and then he started crying. Less than 5 minutes after the shots were over he was smiling again – so he did fine!

We saw the Dr who delivered him! I saw him when I first got there and he came over and said HELLO to Tristan :) Then he came by and said hello AGAIN while we were in the dr office room waiting..LoL. Then, while we were waiting on Tristan’s shots he came over AGAIN and said, “Tristan is really, really, really, really cute” ha ha! I was like, “THANK YOU SO MUCH!!” Another Dr lady came over and talked to him and was talking about how beautiful he was and loving all his hair :)

Tristan was SO good – he didn’t fuss ONCE or get restless the whole time we were waiting. He made it so easy on me. I’m so lucky!!

Right now he’s at Angela’s – he loves her! She’s gonna take good care of him and call me if he gets “sick” or too fussy and I’ll take him home. She said she has no problem keeping him if he gets a fever from the shots that she understands. She’s so great with him. I’m really glad we found her!
Tristan Playing @ Angela's :)