Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Good morning everyone!

Today is my Friday – woohoo!! I’m only working ½ day today because I have to take Tristan for his checkup today. I’m really not looking forward to that. He’s going to a different Dr this time (not on base) so I have to be there early to do all the paperwork. He also has to get his shots. I HATE taking him to the Dr. I always have to go by myself because Shelby is busy. I get nervous for Tristan - then I get hot and frazzled and I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing – it’s not a fun experience. LoL.

Tomorrow I took the day off so that I would have a 4 day weekend - since the Sheriff’s Office is closed on Monday. I’m a smart cookie, huh? Ha ha. Tomorrow Shelby is going to take Tristan to daycare so that I can get some things done around the house. I will be so happy to have everything in its place and organized. I also can’t wait to be completely DONE with the old house. When I have things hanging over me like that, I tend to let myself become stressed. I need to take a chill pill because it seems like I get stressed about things WAY to easily! Maybe it all comes with being a girl .. Who knows!

The daycare provider told me yesterday that Tristan might be crawling soon! How cool is that?! He’s so smart (of course we think so) – he just seems to be doing things before he’s “supposed” to. I hope he’s smart – because I need someone to help me ! ;) Tristan seems so much happier lately. I feel like some of the weight has been lifted from my shoulders about him and finding the right daycare. He LOVED my friend Sarah – and he seems to really like the new girl too. She is SO NICE and I am so happy that Tristan is going to her! I wish that we would have just started him out there – it would have saved us so much stress and aggravation!

So I’m extremely excited about college football starting!! I don’t remember college football ever being this big of a deal before – maybe I’m getting older. Ha ha. I’m looking forward to having friends over for FOOTBALL PARTIES! I hope they turn out to be fun! Shelby has to work this Saturday night, so he’s gonna miss the first night of football! Not to mention I’m gonna have to watch is alone. I will have to teach Tristan the ways of college football! ;)

Well – I better get to work. I can’t wait until Tristan’s appointment is OVER. Then I can enjoy the rest of my day!

HAPPY Thursday!

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