Thursday, August 13, 2009

Y U M M Y !

Tonight for dinner I fixed one of my favorite meals. Curry Rice!! :) We first had curry rice back when I was a sophomore in high school - one of the Japanese exchange students fixed it, and ever since I've been hooked!!

Shelby doesn't like curry rice, so I have to wait until nights when he's not home to cook it for myself :) You can make it with chicken, beef, pork - probably anything. Chicken is my favorite. I'm not a fan of carrots, so I just like the chicken and the potatoes :) Lately I've been making it without meat - it's just as good and a lot faster to fix! Sometimes when you cook something it is better than others. Tonight it was really good. I chopped the potatoes into smaller chunks, so there was more flavor and they were cooked more. Yummy!

Does anyone like apple cobbler or apple crisp? Well let me tell you - I have made two of them this week and they are SO GOOD!!! I used a recipe a friend gave me and tweaked it a little bit. This last time I finally got it right. (And it only took me twice - woohoo!) It will seriously melt in your mouth! I think I could sell it and make a fortune. I'm not one who likes to toot my own horn - but this is so incredibly good. I didn't use a "recipe" for this one.. I kinda threw everything together, so I'm worried I won't be able to recreate it. I'm gonna try to this weekend though!!

Shelby is working valet tonight - so it's just me and Tristan. He's asleep now, and I was going to clean but I think I'm going to get some rest instead. I'm tired - so I'm going to take this opportunity to rest! I can clean tomorrow - the mess will still be there :)

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