Friday, August 14, 2009


My sweet husband bought me some new perfume yesterday! He's been working hard doing valet in the evenings - and he wanted to spend some of the money on me. He's so sweet :) I love wearing perfume, and I recently ran out of one of my favorites. I used to wear Romance and it's another favorite of mine :) Now I am the proud owner of a brand new bottle!

Smelling this perfume makes me think of fall for some reason. I picture Ceredo/Kenova during the fall going to see the Pumpkin House. I think smelling something can bring back a memory better than seeing something can. This is probably the perfume I wore while I was working at the bank in Kenova. Maybe this will be my "fall scent".. I can have a new scent for every season!! :)

What is your favorite perfume?


  1. yay!! how sweet of him. i'm looking for a new scent. i used to wear bath and body works sensual amber. but i want a change. :)

  2. I love Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker! I'll have to try Romance sometime :)