Saturday, August 8, 2009

Update :)

It's been way too long since my last post - I apologize! I really need to do better about keeping this up to date :)

Well, Tristan is about 3.5 months old - and he is AMAZING. He is the happiest little guy I've ever seen! SUCH a stinker ;) Anytime he sees Shelby or I, he starts to smile, and that just melts our hearts :) He loves it when we sing to him - he laughs out loud! He must think we are so silly. ha ha.

I've been keeping track of all his "firsts" so that I can annoy him with it when he gets older. ha ha. I'm very sentimental so I like keeping track of that kind of stuff :) So far Tristan has:

Laughed - Slept thru the night (at least once!) - Taken a road trip (to WV) - Been to a birthday party - Been to a concert - and LOTS of little things I kept track of like his first bath, first walk, first address, first person to feed him - change him - bathe him, etc. :) I have written down dates for all of these things and included my own commentary where appropriate .. ha ha Tristan has already been to 8 different states in his short little life - he's gonna be a traveler like his Momma and Daddy!

There is SO much I could say about Tristan - he's just the best thing EVER. I love being a mom!

Shelby and I are doing good too! Shelby is working and I'm back to work. I've been back about a month I guess, well almost a month. Work is going well for the both of us. Shelby is working a valet job on the weekends to bring in a little extra money. We were really struggling there for a while, but my wonderful Momma helped us get back on our feet - since I was out of work for 3 months after Tristan was born. Now our goal is to pay off ALL our debt in the next 2 years. We have tried to make smarter decisions and be more organized. We are going to start doing David Ramsey's program. A lady from work let us borrow his CD's .. I'm SO excited to get started!! Do you have any little tips or tricks that work for you in your finances?

We are moving at the first of September into another house. We are moving to "Orange Park" which is SUPER close to where we both work. Right now we kinda live far away from everything - but that's OK. Anyways - since we're moving I am going to try and FINALLY organize our things - meaning I want to have a theme to our decor. Our dining room is Americana and our kitchen is "Coffee", but everything else is so random and mix match. I have lots of ideas and I will post them next time :) I can get your input that way, right??

I really think all my friends moving and decorating has gotten me in the mood to do the same - I hope that I am as successful as they are!!

I should go - it's LATE! I promise to do better about updating - I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!

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