Sunday, August 9, 2009

I can't believe how FAST the weekend went!

I had a good weekend with my boys. Saturday we ran some errands, went to a birthday party, and I cleaned a little bit. Today we went to church, went to lunch, and then finished up our grocery shopping. I made some sort of apple cobbler type thing this evening - it turned out OK. It was such an off night - I made the biggest mess! I think I need to perfect my recipe a little bit... it wasn't as good as I was hoping. LoL

Tomorrow I think I'm gonna make fajitas for dinner. We haven't had those in a while. I kinda made up my own recipe for them and they are pretty good! We enjoy them!

I got a new book today. I got the Julie and Julia book - I hope it's good! I like to read. It feels good to my brain to read - I know that sounds strange, but it's like my brain enjoys READING instead of watching or listening to something. LoL Once I finish the book I can go see the movie!! Maybe I can start reading more often... I feel smart when I read.. ;)

Tristan was such a sweet boy today! This evening Shelby was holding him on the couch and he was PETTING him (Yes, you read that right.. PETTING Shelby like you pet your cat) It was HILARIOUS!! I took a video of it and I couldn't stop laughing - I'm sure the video is pretty shaky :) If I can figure out how to post the video on here, I'll do it so you can see him. It was so funny but so sweet. He is such a happy baby - I love him SO MUCH!

Is anyone looking forward to FOOTBALL season?! I AM!


  1. Hannah likes to pat me. Its there way of showing affection. :) He loves him some Daddy! Very cute!

  2. sooooooooooo cute!! I totally forgot about your blog. I'm not at work so I don't have as much time to I'm catching up. I hear Dave Ramsey has a really good program. Where is Shelby a valet at?