Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ok - Moving SERIOUSLY Sucks!

OH. MY. WORD. I am completely exhausted.  I have been packing my house for the past 2 days - and I KNOW there is still more I need to do.  The thing is - I just don't care anymore!  Well, that's a lie - I'm totally stressing out about the things STILL not done .. but what can I possibly do now?!
My house is a complete disaster! So much so that I am NOT gonna post a picture - you might turn me in to the "America's Messiest House" TV show or something!
Tomorrow I have to go back to work, but Shelby and Ryan (our new landlord) are gonna be moving.  Ryan and his wife Holly are going to be moving their things OUT of their house, then they are coming to OUR house to move our things into THEIR house - does this make sense?  ha ha.  I think Holly is working tomorrow too - so it's just gonna be the guys.  I feel sooo bad for them! I think I'm gonna bring them some lunch or dinner tomorrow.  I hate to say it - but I'm kinda glad I'm working.  (is that selfish?!)
OK - enough about moving .. today I was at Target and they have their WONDERFUL FALL snack cakes in stock!  My favorites are the Pumpkin Face cakes.  I call them Pumpkin Face cakes, I know that's not their "real name" , but that's OK.  ha ha.  

Ok -I HAVE to go to bed.  I will post more tomorrow and catch up on what everyone blogged about this weekend.  I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL SUNDAY!  
P.S. - Lyndsay - I'm sad we're moving away from you guys!  Tell Lucca that Tristan will miss him, but will see him often (hopefully).
Night all!! :)

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  1. so, are you all moved in now? I hope it went better than you thought.