Friday, August 28, 2009

Not Making Much Progress

Well - 2 more FULL days until we move and we have maybe 25% of our house packed.  Ahh! Tonight I'm going to hit it hard.  My parents will be here tomorrow evening, so they can play with Tristan while I finish up.  Shelby is working tonight, but when he gets home I think he's gonna help me.  He leaves tomorrow to go out of town for one night, so he'll be back on Sunday.  Then, MONDAY we move!

Our Dining Room is now full of boxes ...

So is the main hallway ...

But have no fear, Molly is here to help!!
One of my favorite rooms in our house is our kitchen.  The cabinets are HUGE and have so much storage space. I also have a wonderful pantry :)  I can't remember what the kitchen is like in our new house - I'm thinking it's a little smaller.  That's OK though - I don't use all the room I have now anyways.  

What's YOUR favorite room in your house?


  1. i wish we could have gotten to know you guys alot better before you had to move =( It's gunna be weird not seein you guys across the street..Definately Gator games tho!!!

  2. I KNOW! I'm seriously kinda sad :( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep in touch with me!!!