Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I got to celebrate my first MOTHERS DAY this year! :)    Shelby, Tristan, and I went to church that morning and they were doing baby dedications.  We didn't sign Tristan up to be dedicated (because we didn't know they were doing it) but they mentioned his name!!  He was the newest baby at church! :)  That was so neat! 

Tristan (and Shelby) got me a new Brighton necklace for Mothers Day. Brighton has started coming out with charms, and I have a few with a bracelet to display them on - but they got me a necklace to wear them on too! It's so pretty! I can wear it with charms or without.  And I can change my charms whenever I want depending on what I'm wearing or what the season is, etc.  I've only got a few charms right now - but my wish list is quite large. ha ha.  

Baby Buggy Charm.  The other side is all silver - so you can wear it either way!

Lady Bug Charm - for Phi Mu of course!! :)

Little Boy Charm - For My Tristan :)

MOM CHARM!  For ME! :)

I'm so addicted to Brighton jewelry.  They have TONS of cute charms and other jewelry and I can't wait to add them to my collection!  

Well, I'm gonna go start dinner.  We're having pork chops tonight. :)  

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