Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Well, Tristan is already 2 weeks old! Where does the time go?!  He's becoming more alert ALREADY and is so much fun :)  It seriously feels like he's always been here.  Being a Momma is so much fun!

Tomorrow is his 2 week old Dr appointment.  I'm anxious to see how much he weighs and how long he is now.  He's definitely grown over the past two weeks.  I hope his face doesn't change looks - I LOVE his cute little face!  I see babies out and they look so chunky and like their heads are 10 times too big for their body.  I don't want him to look like that.. ha ha.  I want him to look proportional and cute! ;)

Today I took him to a baby massage class.  It was fun!  Of course he was fussy the first 45 minutes of the class because he wanted to eat THEN he decided to pee.  He's still young - I know it will get easier the older he gets.  Once I was able to do the massages on him he seemed to really like it! I'm excited to learn more and to be able to do it at home.  I think it will be something great to do before he goes to bed - to help calm him down and get him ready for the night.  The class is every Wednesday.  I'm gonna try to keep going as long as I'm off on Maternity leave.  After that I can't take him anymore :(

Well, my final weight loss count is 32 lbs.  10 lbs of baby weight and 22 lbs of MIRANDA weight.  I never imagined it would take me getting pregnant to finally lose weight! HA!  I still have about 65 - 70 lbs to go to be back where I wanna be.  I want to get back to where I was my freshman and sophmore year in college.  Before the boyfriend and weight gain.. the "old" me! I sure hope I can do it!  When I get a chance I need to do some research on a diet plan and start it.  I seriously don't know where the time goes during the day - it's like I have to start and stop something three times before it finally gets finished!  Ahh.. the life of a new Momma!

Does anyone like Brighton jewelry?!  Well, I LOVE IT!  My mom got me a bracelet and some charms when Tristan was born.  I wanna get some more charms to add to it.  I think I'm gonna try and buy one piece of jewelry from there a month - with my spending money. :)  I only have a few things now - There are so many different things to choose from!  I love being able to wear jewelry and cute clothes.  Hopefully with my weight loss I'll feel better about my body and feel like looking nicer!  I tend to get in a rut and can be VERY "plain jane"...  I wanna do better! I'm thinking about going to the tanning bed again to get a base tan - then I can work on it on my own without getting scorched.  I need to get my hair cut too.  So much to do!

I guess it's time I made up my "daily schedule".  I'm a list maker and I can't make it thru the day without a list or a schedule.  Especially now! I feel like I'm walking around in circles! ha ha.  

I'm so glad I got to blog.  Every time I sit down at the computer Tristan starts crying!!  ahh!!  It always seems to be feeding time or changing time.  He's sleeping in his swing at the moment - so this gives me a few moments to myself.  I have some cleaning to do but I'm gonna wait until Shelby gets home to hang out with Tristan - then I can clean without feeling guilty that he's been in his swing or bouncy chair for hours! I know he likes Momma time.. and I like Tristan time!


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss - that's awesome! I know it isn't that great for you - but the tanning bed always makes me feel good and I swear that it makes EVERYONE look thinner! And I love Brighton too! :)

  2. Congrats Miranda! That's great on the weight loss! I agree with Rachel, I think everyone looks thinner when tan! I've been going for a month on the hopes of it making me look thin lol

  3. ha ha.. I totally agree with you both! :)
    I really miss being home sometimes.. I miss my friends! Random - I know..LoL