Thursday, April 8, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

This post is dedicated to some of my favorite things.  Forgive me that this edition is mostly beauty products.  I guess that's what I'm really into right now. ;-)

I absolutely LOVE Philosophy Skin Care Products.  I'm a new user to these products, and I am wondering what took me so long! I started out with a small sample, and now I've grown to this huge collection of wonderfulness.  I have all the products listed above, and I alternate daily which ones I use.  I do this because they are for different things, and I don't want to "over work" my face, because some of these things are more intensive than others.  Since I've started using these products, my face is SO much softer and smoother.  I can go without makeup and not look so patchy or dull.  I feel like my face is brighter.  I don't have the dry patches anymore and my skin just FEELS healthier.  My face thanks me!

This product is from Bath and Body works.  Sadly, it's not sold in stores anymore.  I'm down to by last little bit and I savor it like GOLD!  I use it every night on my hands, and just the smell of it relaxes me and makes me feel happy!

I just started using this product THIS WEEK.  I was skeptical about how much it would really work an I just couldn't justify paying almost $8.00 for deodorant.  Well, my other deodorant just wasn't cutting it - I don't know what happened! I was desperate, so I decided to give this a try.  On the very first day this stuff worked like a CHARM! I haven't sweated AT ALL - not even a little bit.  It's AMAZING! I have found my new deodorant for sure.  It's totally worth the cost!

This last item is not a beauty product, but it deserves an honorable mention.  Yesterday my friend Amanda blogged about Cheese Fries.  Since I live under a rock and had never had cheese fries before, I decided to try some for dinner last night.  My husband and I went to Chilis.  I ordered the small portion of "Texas Fries" and OH MY WORD THEY WERE AMAZING!!!! Maybe it's a bad thing that I tried them, because now I'm going to want them ALL THE TIME! Thanks Amanda! ;-)


  1. I use that deodorant like no tomorrow, isn't it great?!?! I hate when a place stops selling something I love, B&BW just stopped selling my shampoo and I have no idea what I'm going to use now.

  2. PS: I just saw your question on if I loved Leslie's designs. She did an AMAZING job with mine! I loved it. She took my need to control everything and suggestions awesomely. It was everything I'd hope it would be. She was great to work with and i'm sure yours will be great as well! I can't wait to see it!

  3. RIGHT!? I told you! I have been craving them all week. That one little order when shared with someone DOES NOT DO IT JUSTICE. I'm so glad you are now a member of the cheese fry society.

  4. i've heard so many good things about philosophy! i just might have to break down and give it a try! i love dove clinical too!

  5. I've never seen those at bath and body works. I'll have to check it out. Looks like good stuff. Very cute blog you have. :)